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A manga discussion podcast focusing on shojo (and josei!) series that make your heart go doki-doki. Covering classics like CLAMP’s “Cardcaptor Sakura” and Yuu Watase’s “Fushigi Yuugi” to newer favorites like Kazune Kawahara’s “My Love Story!!” and Hiro Fujiwara’s “Maid Sama!” Shojo & Tell hostRead more

Popular episodes

The Rose of Versailles (with Erica Friedman)

Nov 17 • 01:50:31

Covers all 10 volumes plus the 10th anniversary side stories of The Rose of Versailles by Riyoko Ikeda (that's the five omnibus volumes released by Udon!)...

SP Baby (with Asher Sofman)

Oct 27 • 34:09

Covers both volumes of SP Baby by Maki Enjoji....

An Incurable Case of Love (with Alex Yates)

Oct 10 • 01:15:26

Covers all 7 volumes of An Incurable Case of Love by Maki Enjoji....

Hana-Kimi Pt. 3 (with Ashley Hawkins)

Sep 8 • 01:13:38

Covers volumes 16–23 of Hana-Kimi by Hisaya Nakajo....

Hana-Kimi Pt. 2 (with Ashley Hawkins)

Aug 19 • 01:09:23

Welcome back to Osaka High and the middle third of Hana-Kimi. Shojo and Tell host Ashley is joined by Manga Librarian Ashley to talk about all the hijinks that ensued here. What’s the tone? Gil’s still here?! How can Mizuki assume Sano doesn’t know she’s a girl when she sleeps with him in the same bed half the nights and she’s got her boobs pressed up against him? Mizuki g...

Hana-Kimi Pt. 1 (with Ashley Hawkins)

Jul 29 • 01:32:29

Covers volumes 1–8 of Hana-Kimi by Hisaya Nakajo....

RG Veda (with Asher Sofman)

Jul 17 • 01:18:57

Covers all of RG Veda by CLAMP....

Earthian (with Vrai Kaiser)

Jun 17 • 01:05:12

Covers all of Earthian by Yun Kouga....

Waiting for Spring Part 2 (with Kelly Quinn Chiu)

May 20 • 01:39:10

Covers volumes 8–14 of Waiting for Spring by Anashin....

Waiting for Spring Part 1 (with Kelly Quinn Chiu)

Apr 22 • 01:28:11

Covers volumes 1–7 of Waiting for Spring by Anashin....

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