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A paranormal podcast hosted by me, Jess. I cover everything strange and unusual like ghosts, hauntings, lore, myths, history and true crime! I am also a practicing witch, so I do put out episodes specifically about witchcraft and dispelling some common myths and misconceptions. New episodes everyRead more

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65. Leslie Fear

Jul 9 • 01:58:15
this episode was so much fun! Leslie Fear, author of the Graveyard Watchman trilogy and Atticus among other titles sits with me and shoots the shit. We talk about upcoming books, witchcraft, fangirl over each other a bit as well as our love for Hillbilly Horror Stories. Leslie was such a pleasure to have on, and offered so many interesting and valuable questions that I wou...

64.The Superstition Mountains

Jun 23 • 01:52:26
This episode is definitely packed with a variety of stories. A flood legend, a massacre, a Baron of AZ, fraud, murder, treasure, bodies both with and without heads, and a secret order of Native Americans? there was so much here I couldn't even find the right background music to flow... sooooo enjoy the ride!
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Love Turns Hate
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Half Mystery ...

63.England and the U.S.

Jun 9 • 01:31:03

62. Zombies! with Conspiracy Cafe

May 30 • 02:25:55

61.Super Moms

May 12 • 01:18:54
We all know moms are amazing. So how about since it was just Mother's Day, we talk about some moms that risked their lives, and accomplished amazing feats in a desperate effort to protect their children. What would you do if you ran outside to see a cougar attacking your toddler? Or what if your 3rd-floor apartment was on fire with no way out? Thank you to all the amazing ...

Fairy Tales pt.2

Apr 29 • 01:22:29
In part 2 of Fairytales, we'll talk about the Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. Hans Christian Anderson's version is very different than the Ariel I grew up with. and the author of Peter Pan J.M. Barrie is much more controversial than I thought.
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Love Turns Hate
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Almost in F by Kevin MacLeod

60.Fairy Tales Pt.1

Apr 27 • 59:22
In this episode, we'll talk about some of the stories that we've all grown up with. Cinderella was my favorite growing up, but I had no idea until recently that the story is over 2,000 years old. We'll also talk about Snow White and some alternate endings to her story.
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Love Turns Hate
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Skye Cuillin by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://incompetec...

59.Glamours, the Fae and Beltane

Apr 14 • 01:10:06
In this episode we'll talk about some glamour magic, the fae and how they use glamours and how they were feared and protected against during Beltane. We'll also talk about this old Celtic fire festival, Beltane, also known as May day.
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Love Turns Hate
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Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attributio...

58.Hexes and Curses

Apr 1 • 38:33
What is the difference between a hex and a curse? Is it ok to curse? How do you curse someone? These are all questions I've been asked frequently, and we'll talk a bit about cursing and answer all of those questions.

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Love Turns Hate
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Just As Soon by Kevin MacLeod
License: http://...

57.Famous Curses

Mar 31 • 01:20:04

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