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Formal schooling does a terrible job of preparing you to thrive as an adult. The Shit You Don't Learn in School podcast exists to make up for this societal failure. In this show, Calvin Rosser and Steph Smith share stories, insights, and resources designed to help you improve the quality of yourRead more

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33. Digital Security – Are You Safe?

Jul 6 • 37:28

We're all familiar with how to increase physical security – locking our doors, paying attention to our surroundings, putting valuables in a safe, etc. – but what about our digital security?

With an increasingly digital world comes a less perceptible risk – the risk of having your information hacked and exploited by someone with whom you will never see or interact.

In this ...

32. Are We in a Bubble?

Jun 28 • 01:01:14

At a time where several asset classes are at all-time highs, there's a lot of talk about whether we're in a bubble. That, coupled with crypto assets falling to ~half of their highs, prompted Cal and Steph to dive in to try to answer this question.

In this episode, they discuss the markings of past bubbles, the innovation hype cycle, the difficulty in profiting from nascent ...

31. Surprising Travel Hacks From Visiting 70+ Countries

Jun 18 • 47:17

Travel is fun, but it becomes even more enjoyable once you know how to do it well. Collectively, Steph and Cal have visited over 70 countries while working remotely, learning a bunch of useful tips for better travel along the way. In this episode, they share some of the most useful learnings, including:

- How to avoid getting scammed
- How to choose a location and plan a tri...

30. Was 30 Pods in 30 Days Worth It?

Jun 10 • 28:39

29. Unintended Consequences

Jun 9 • 20:45

The world is run by incentives, but what happens when those incentives go wrong? In this episode, Calvin and Steph talk through the Cobra Effect, a phenomena incentives designed to improve society actually end in negative consequences, often resulting in actions counter to the original goal. They discuss several examples of the effect and how people can not only be more aw...

28. How to Quit Drinking Alcohol and Still Be Happy

Jun 8 • 35:03

Drinking alcohol is embedded within the social fabric of society, but how do we take control of our relationship with alcohol? For all of the fun it supports, alcohol is a poison that causes unnecessary physical, mental, and emotional harm for many people. In this episode, Steph and Cal interview Taylor Platt, a Princeton graduate and NBA strategist who went sober 3 years ...

27. Earning the Trust of Your Team

Jun 7 • 32:42

Whether we'd like to believe it or not, age is a signal that people judge others by. In a professional setting, it can signal your level of experience and for that reason, it can be difficult to earn the trust of a team, if they happen to be older than you. In this episode, Calvin and Steph talk through their experiences managing at a young age and what tips they have for ...

26. The 3X Rule and When You Should Splurge

Jun 6 • 27:14

25. How to Make Your Stuff Work For You, Not Against You

Jun 4 • 19:14

24. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Jun 4 • 16:12

No matter how talented you are, you'll inevitably be a victim of imposter syndrome. But, there's a flipside to every coin and for imposter syndrome, it's the compulsion to always be better. Is is possible to get the upside and limit the downside?

In this episode, Calvin and Steph discuss how they've managed imposter syndrome and balance their ambition to improve, with the t...

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