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She Sleuths: A True Crime Podcast

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A true crime podcast by Amy S. and Kristin H. They're two friends who give their unique and often comedic take on murders, serial killers, and the occasional paranormal and folklore cases.

Popular episodes

Episode 23: Jaclyn Dowaliby & Daniel Laplante

Nov 22 • 01:10:24

We are back for a couple of episodes! We've missed you all so much. In our much delayed ep, Kristin discusses the abduction and murder of 7 year old Jaclyn Dowaliby. Did her parents do it? Or were police going down the wrong path? Amy’s case this week takes us behind the walls and into a crawl space in Townsend Massachusetts, where we learn about the weird and creepy story...

Episode 22: Serial Killer Pee Wee Gaskins & An Extraterrestrial Encounter

Dec 7 • 55:37

This week Amy  & Kristin are at it again. Kristin covers the case of a serial killer you may have never hear of- Pee Wee Gaskins. His story gets even more interesting after he's arrested. Next up Amy  discusses the alien abduction of Charles Hickson and Carver Parker.

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Episode 21: A Killer Cop & A Greek Serial Killer

Nov 24 • 32:21

Episode 20: Kristin & Amy Are Back

Nov 9 • 52:03

***STAY TUNED to the end because we have an update on the case Kristin covers.
Kristin and Amy are back. We first catch up with how life's been for them these past 8 months. Kristin covers the murder of Dylan Redwine. Stay tuned to the end for a last minute update on the case! Next up Amy goes further back in time to cover the case of serial killer Frederick Bailey Deeming...

Episode 19: Women of Color Part II

Mar 23 • 12:12

In today's ep, we're still having difficulties recording together due to being quarantined, but we have Amy here to continue our episode on women of color. Amy covers the case of Alexis Crawford, a 21 year old college student who was brutally murdered by her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend after she went to the authorities about being sexually assaulted by her ...

Episode 18: Women of Color Part I

Mar 16 • 21:07

Hey She Sleuths fam! Today we shake things up a bit. Unfortunately, the coronavirus has disrupted our recording schedule, so we have to record separately for a bit. However, that also means you'll be getting a new episode every week!

In this episode, Kristin discussed her case. In the 1990's, black women were being strangled to death in the Charlotte, NC area. It took some ...

Episode 17: Cold Cases You've Probably Never Heard Of

Mar 2 • 01:03:31

In this ep, we’re back with two cases that will make you feel extra sleuthy…because they’re both unsolved! That’s right. Today we’re covering cold cases. 

You ever hear of the Crewe murders in 1970? Us either until Kristin told us all about it. Jeanette and Harvey Crewe were married with a little girl named Rochelle. Their happy family life didn’t last long enough because t...

Episode 16: LGBT Crimes

Jan 26 • 57:05

In their 16th episode, Kristin and Amy discuss two true crime cases in the LGBTQ community.
First up, Amy discusses the heartbreaking case involving 36 year old, Guin “Richie” Phillips who lost his life because he was gay. He was found stuffed in a suitcase and thrown in the river by someone who he once called friend. Then Kristin covers the case of Brandon Teena, a transge...

Episode 15: Crimes of Passion

Jan 13 • 01:07:33

In this ep, Kristin’s goes way back to the 1920’s where she tackles the case of infamous bootlegger turned murderer- George Remus. George was a guy who was both and lawyer and a pharmacist who used both skills to find a loophole in the Volstead Act. He ended up running one of the biggest bootlegging operations in the country. However, George had a weakness for his wife, Im...

Bonus Episode 1: Interview With A Double Homicide Trial Juror

Dec 23 • 01:00:10

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