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Millennial money expert Victoria Devine shares her foolproof tips for financial freedom.

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FRIDAY DRINKS: Black Friday, and G and Jess forgot the listener questions

Nov 25 • 30:36

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friiiiidayyyy. It's George's first week bringing to community wins to the table, we discuss Black Friday and there's no listener question this week because Jess thought G was doing it, and G thought Jess was on the money - alas, neither were. SO if you've got a listener question you'd like us to answer please shoot us an email to podc...

Debt agreements, what are they, and when should we consider one?

Nov 23 • 31:04

A debt agreement is a formal way of settling a debt you can't service without going bankrupt, but when should we consider one? This episode discusses what to do when you can't pay back what you owe and the consequences you will face if you choose to go down that path. ...

MONEY DIARIES: Growing up with privilege doesn't mean you'll always have wealth

Nov 21 • 35:28

This weeks diarist is a goodie as always, she grew up privileged with no budget, and now has less than $1000 in the bank - hear our diarists real and relatable story about how she's creating financial freedom for her and her family....

FRIDAY DRINKS: Dining out, variable income budgeting and V is ENGAGED!

Nov 18 • 32:53

It's Friday again friends, and we can't believe this week whipped around so quickly! We're chatting dining out, and how our pal V is FINALLY ENGAGED....

Rent to own properties, are they a good idea? (spoiler: no)

Nov 16 • 26:48

Property is the Great Australian Dream, and a topic we ALL love talking about - even if we don't want to own property ourselves. This week on the show G and V share the pros and the con's of rent to own property strategies, and why you might want to potentially avoid them....

MONEY DIARIES: Open heart surgery, unpaid leave and smashing uni

Nov 14 • 34:58

Happy Monday and WELCOME TO OUR 200TH EPISODE OF SOTM!! This week's money diarist hasn't had one but TWO open-heart surgeries, has spent thousands in medical bills and is smashing it at uni. We are so grateful we got to share this diarists story, and we know you'll love it....

FRIDAY DRINKS: Afterpay Money and Insurance Exclusions

Nov 11 • 39:26

Happy Friday friends! This week V has been pretty riled up about Afterpay's new collaboration with Westpac, and we discuss Life Insurance Exclusions that shouldn't be happening....

Five ways to stop impulse spending

Nov 9 • 50:04

Are you a bit impulsive when it comes to spending money? We've got you. Today we're dishing out our top tips on stopping impulse spending (and we have a bit of a rant about Afterpays decision to extend their offering to hospitality). G+V share with you their top tips and a few things that have worked for them! Are you a bit impulsive when it comes to spending money? We've ...

MONEY DIARIES: Surviving then thriving after sexual assault and chronic illness

Nov 7 • 01:04:29

Good morning friends! This week we've got a story that will inspire you, and break your heart at the same time. This weeks money diarist has been through far more than anyone ever should, but her perseverance, grit and intelligence will amaze you....

FRIDAY DRINKS: G and V take the wheel!

Nov 4 • 34:31

Happy Friday friends! This week G and V forgot that Tuesday was a public holiday here in VIC, so Friday drinks was left feeling a little lean BUT WE SMASHED OUT A KILLER EP ANYWAY....

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