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What is it like to survive a shark attack? Is it true that some governments use taxpayer's dollars to exterminate sharks? Where and when do shark bites most often occur? How can we protect ourselves while surfing in the home of these apex predators? Provocative and raw, Shark Stories shares theRead more

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Surfing Guide To Sharks

Jun 29 • 50:57

A re-examination of the way we approach the shark attacks through the arming of surfers with essential shark knowledge. This podcast is a reading of the surfing guide to sharks written by myself with the help of oceanographers, scientists, surfers, and paramedics. 

This podcast will give you some information about sharks that may influence when, where, and how you enter the...

When I Went Shark Fishing

May 21 • 49:27

The story of 19-year-old hunter Helton joining me for two weeks. No land, no people. Sleeping, eating, going to the bathroom, and living on a boat that is heading to sea to fish sharks with five Indonesian shark fishermen....

Project Hiu

May 14 • 49:44

What started as a simple shoot in a country I refused to enter due to their decimation of sharks, would lead to one of the most influential and life-changing projects of my career. Headed by the shark fishermen themselves, Project Hiu is a way to change the future both above and below. ...

The Humane Society Speaks Sharks

May 7 • 42:34

Lawrence is in charge of all things shark-related at the humane society of Australia. With his brilliant answers and explanations, he prepares us for any argument you could imagine getting into on behalf of sharks.

Imagine heading up a court case against the Australian government on behalf of sharks and winning.  Well, Lawrence did. He comes up against every imaginable advi...

How Your Tax Dollars Kill Sharks

Apr 30 • 58:03

The film making fisheries nervous ENVOY: Shark Cull is giving the Australian public its first-ever, uncut view of the horrific shark control program that has plagued the Australian coastline for more than 30 years. ...

Eat No Shark

Apr 23 • 47:19

Sneaking me into auction rooms of fish markets, filling me in on the worse in the trade, and confirming all my fears of the shark industry my insider, William Bunker, tells all. ...

Great White Secrets With Alison Towner

Apr 17 • 46:53

The Shark Man With Doc Domeier

Apr 9 • 59:50

What's a great white shark getting up to in 1000 meters of water? What happens when Dr. Michael Domeier went to sea to find out? In this episode, Doc shows a side of great whites you never knew existed. ...

China vs Galapagos

Apr 2 • 47:47

The world-famous protected vibrant ecosystem of the Galapagos may not be protected at all. Nicknamed the Great Wall of China, the Chinese fishing fleet that descended on the Galapagos in 2020 made news around the world, but what is it going to take to actually stop it?...

What Is Legal With Ashley Avci

Mar 26 • 40:35

In Australia, sharks aren’t considered “animals” under the animal welfare legislation act. Therefore extreme acts of cruelty are commonplace. From the shark fin trade to the treatment of these animals, we lift the veil on Australia’s contribution.   ...

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