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Shall We Play a Game?


A short (honest!) podcast about video games. Hosted by New York Times contributing critic Chris Suellentrop and former NPR Baghdad bureau chief JJ Sutherland.

Popular episodes

‘Carne y Arena’ - Shall We Play a Game?

Oct 20 • 34:55

You’ve got 11 days left to go see Alejandro González Iñárritu’s virtual-reality installation “Carne y Arena.” We saw it/did it/played it, and tell you why you should, too (if you’re anywhere near Washington, D.C.). ...

‘Assassin’s Creed’: ‘Origins’ vs. ‘Syndicate’ - Shall We Play a Game?

Jun 26 • 23:21

JJ talks about why he liked “Syndicate” more than “Origins,” while Chris begs for Discovery Modes to be retrofitted into every game in the series. Plus a dash of “God of War” (2018) and “Pillars of Eternity II.”...

‘Solo’ (and ‘God of War’!) - Shall We Play a Game?

May 25 • 47:28

Our instant review of “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” the first “Star Wars” movie to reference “Masters of Teras Kasi,” preceded by a paean to the “God of War” camera. ...

‘Ready Player One’ - Shall We Play a Game?

Apr 13 • 22:26

Our review of Steven Spielberg’s movie *and* Ernest Cline’s book answers the question you’ve been waiting for: What if Halliday had been into walking simulators?...

‘Florence’ - Shall We Play a Game?

Mar 20 • 14:40

Unknowingly, we have undertaken a journey to become America’s hottest Annapurna Interactive podcast. ...

2017’s All-Star GOTY Spectacular - Shall We Play a Game?

Feb 6 • 01:27:31

Better late than never: We asked 25 of the smartest people we know–game developers, critics, professors of theater and history, comedy writers, political journalists, podcasters–for their favorite video game of 2017, and got 20 answers....

‘Gorogoa’ - Shall We Play a Game?

Dec 21 • 21:37

The second game from Annapurna Interactive is a meditative puzzle by Jason Roberts....

‘The Last Jedi’ spoilercast - Shall We Play a Game?

Dec 15 • 27:24

The annual “Shall we watch a Star Wars movie?” episode of the “Shall We Play a Game?” podcast. WARNING: Do not listen to more than a minute or so if you haven’t seen “The Last Jedi.”...

‘Universal Paperclips’ - Shall We Play a Game?

Dec 12 • 31:15

A new Game of the Year contender....

‘Subsurface Circular’ - Shall We Play a Game?

Dec 1 • 36:02

Mike Bithell’s short interactive robot detective fiction–how’s that for a five-word phrase–is good. Plus, JJ reveals the most embarrassing/proud public place he has played his Nintendo Switch. And Chris talks about minivan radio interfaces....

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