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Learn & get inspired by the sexplorations of lovely humans everywhere. Host Wyoh Lee is eager to know details all things legal and consensual. Let's lead better-laid lives.

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151 | Fucked in a Hello Kitty Tent: Hathor’s Sex Stories

Jan 14 • 59:49

➡️ {    DETAILS   }    Hathor is Horny. She thought exploring erotic photography was just a gateway to hot sex, but she’s realized: it’s one of her kinks. We talk about unrequited kinkiness, early not-safe-feeling experiences of partners pushing (reinforcing the message of “sometimes guys will want to have sex, and you’ll just have to” that was present in her upbringing), ...

150 | Oral is My Love Language: LG’s Sex Stories

Jan 7 • 01:05:14

➡️ {    DETAILS   }    “I need to be used” is a new—but *very* clear—sentiment for LG, a little who is three months into a brand new Daddy Dom/little girl dynamic. She shares everything that led up to this relationship: the deep intimacy and consistent amazing sex (especially oral) of her 5-year teenage relationship, growing up Christian-ish and the lack of sex ed and clea...

149 | Divine Magical Asshole: The Goddess’ Sex Stories

Dec 31 • 37:34

🥳 Happy 3 years of Sex Stories!!! Celebrating with a celestial being: ...

148 | Ecstasy Squirting & Elevator Stopping: BellaDonnaKaren’s Sex Stories

Dec 24 • 01:20:09

➡️{    STATS   }   45 year old caucasian non-binary person who uses he/she/them/they pronouns; pansexual, married/polyamorous and partnered with kinks that include (but are not limited to): voyeurism, lactation, cum play, sexting and curiosity about age play; works in corporate management in the South. ➡️{    DETAILS   }   Raised by a bi-mom who was clearly kinky and suffe...

147 | Long-Distance Spurts & Squirts: E and A’s Sex Stories

Dec 17 • 01:35:13

Talking about sex ahead of time didn’t just lead E and A into a few nights of hotness, but has led to a kink-tastic relationship (now that they both know how freaky they each are) of trust, healing and ongoing exploration. This episode is full of *so* many details, including: repurposing back massagers and lollipop vibrators, sex-positive parents, giving vs receiving and u...

146 | Dominant Women Are Sexy: Hawthorn’s Sex Stories

Dec 10 • 01:12:17

Hawthorn loves kinky sex, and:they’ve been exploring lots of vanilla sex lately! We talk about their evolution on the yes/no/maybe list, how sexy is an attitude (and also, a Dominant woman), and they tell us about the amazing sex parties they’ve experienced via a sex-positive, inclusive & safe group ( Their personal cunnilingus how-to has ...

145 | Thigh Sex & a Vibrator Taped to My Pussy: Roxie’s Sex Stories

Dec 3 • 01:02:10

Do you know how HOT thigh sex can be? Let Roxie tell you. She’s 18, and while she’s still a 5 on the shame-o-meter, that’s loads lower than she was a year ago. Since then, she’s been having fun working as a stripper and posting on OnlyFans (especially her obsession w foot fetishes) and they’ve helped re realize that while she’s not everyone’s 10/10, she’s is definitely a 1...

144 | Orgasms and Joygasms and Giving: Oscar’s Sex Stories

Nov 26 • 01:22:25

[[TW: includes formative kid-to-kid sexsploration stories]] What do horny neighborhood boys do when they know it’s wrong to pressure a lady outside of wedlock, but still want to practice sex? Each other, apparently — at least in the neighborhood Oscar grew up in. It definitely was *not* “gay” by their own definitions, and these early experiences led Oscar to an adventurous...

143 | I Love Him Invading My Body: Marina’s Sex Stories

Nov 19 • 01:08:31

Marina is having the best sex she’s ever had, and she’s had some very hot sex with partners who had very yummy butts in the two decades she lived in Israel. Her current partner is in tune with her mentally, physically, spiritually—and exploring sex with a power dynamic is hot. They have a Daddy Dom/baby girl dynamic, a Dom/sub flavor, and even a Sadist/masochist flavor. We...

142 | I Will Try Anything: Master Wolfe’s Sex Stories

Nov 12 • 01:24:17

His first partner knew what she liked, his second one was super open to exploring, his mom was *not* happy when she found his (kink-filled) journal as he entered adulthood, and later on in life, he had a greater understanding of why exactly. We talk conservative upbringings, an uncle with nudie magazines, making VHS tapes of Blue Nuit softcore porn and trying to masturbate...

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