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With over 1.2 million downloads, Selling the Couch is a top podcast for current and future mental health private practitioners. Psychologist Melvin Varghese interviews successful therapists in private practice about how they've built their businesses + diversified their income in/beyond theRead more

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ENCORE: Website SEO And Why It Is Important To Attract Ideal Clients In Private Practice with Maelisa Hall, PsyD

Dec 2 • 43:17

Today’s show is about search engine optimization (SEO), an essential aspect of your private practice website. The truth is that you can have the most beautifully designed website on the planet, but it won’t help your practice if it doesn’t attract people. If you’re confused about trying to navigate the world of SEO, then this is the show you don’t want to miss!...

ENCORE: Creating a Sound Social Media Policy While Navigating the Intersection of Personal and Professional Life as Clinicians

Nov 25 • 31:57

As a clinician, do you have a social media policy? Is it something you’ve ever considered? If not, then this show may open your eyes to this topic. How can we as clinicians create a sound social media policy while navigating the intersection of our personal and professional lives?...

ENCORE: Signs That Private Practice Is Not For Someone And How To Move Away From It

Nov 17 • 32:05

Since STC usually focuses on aspects of the journey into private practice, today’s show is different. We are talking to someone who decided to take her skill set in another direction and move away from private practice. A traditional talk-therapy practice isn’t for everyone, and there are other therapeutic healing modalities that can be fulfilling and meaningful. Join us t...

ENCORE: Blogging As A Way To Build Your Practice And Reach Your Ideal Clients

Nov 11 • 42:04

We are tackling another topic relevant to the pandemic crisis. This particular time is a good chance to think about private practice in different ways than ever before. If you’ve ever considered blogging as a way to build your practice and expand your reach to your ideal clients, then this is the show for you....

ENCORE: The Process Of Launching a Membership Site To Survive The Pandemic

Nov 4 • 48:43

During times like these, it’s essential to think outside the box, but every decision has business and financial implications. One way to survive the pandemic shutdown is to pull back from one-on-one work and create income streams that aren’t dependent on being there in person. If you’re curious to know more, then join us for this episode....

294: 5 Business Lessons Learned In 2021

Oct 28 • 28:17

This is the last podcast episode for this year as I take some extra time off to refresh, recharge, and get new episodes ready for 2022. In this solo episode, I’m reflecting and sharing the top five business lessons I have learned this year and what I’ll be focusing on for the upcoming year. ...

293: How To Increase Fees With Existing Clients

Oct 21 • 31:30

Today’s topic is one that many clinicians have navigated, are navigating, or will navigate in the future. It’s the idea of increasing fees with existing clients. I’ve seen this topic come up repeatedly in online groups for therapists, and I know it brings anxiety and confusion. Let’s dig into it together!...

292: Writing A Children's Book

Oct 14 • 25:42

Have you ever considered writing a children’s book? I’ll admit that I’ve thought about it, and it might be a new endeavor in my future. Writing a children’s book takes creativity and planning, and much perseverance is required to navigate the publishing process. Join me as I talk to a longtime friend who has been through the process and published two children’s books....

291: Owning A Therapy Building During The Pandemic

Oct 7 • 34:08

What would it be like to own and run your own group therapy practice--including the building? And to complicate matters, what if the whole endeavor is getting off the ground during a global pandemic? It might sound crazy, but you’ll hear the details from today’s guest who is making it all happen after facing down all the obstacles. Join us!...

290: Long-Haul COVID-19 and Private Practice

Sep 30 • 29:49

Today’s show is about navigating long-haul COVID symptoms and life as a private practitioner. I wanted to have a non-academic conversation about this intriguing topic from a real-life perspective. Join us to learn more!...

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