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Self Made Entrepreneurs & Creatives Who Turned Online Business Ideas into Dollars. UNLIKE Entrepreneur on Fire, Lewis Howes School of Greatness, James Altucher, Tia Lopez, Gary Vaynerchuck, Smart Passive Income


Inspirational + actionable ... without the BS. Jason Bax gives you edu-taining & inspiring interviews with proven entrepreneurs and creators WITHOUT the obnoxious self-promotional chest thumping of other podcast hosts. WITHOUT tiresome fake enthusiasm. WITHOUT repetitious, shallow, formulaicRead more

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#202: The 2 most "dangerous" words for creators

Mar 11 • 28:52

Career changing advice from a comedian? Patton Oswalt is an award winning standup comedian, writer and actor who shares 2 "dangerous" words that were killing my creative career....

201: You only need 1000 True Fans?

Mar 7 • 46:44

All you need to make a living as a creator is 1000 true fans. Is it true and what is a true fan?...

"I'm out!" Why He Sold To Teach Mindfulness with Jason Bax

Nov 7 • 51:41

The surprising reason entrepreneur & 17-year marketing veteran and professional actor (Fringe, Supernatural, etc...), Jason Bax, sold his business, including, and said good-bye to the marketing industry - to teach a spiritually incorrect mindfulness practice. ...

#132: How "Dicks By Mail" became a $100,000 business in 7-days

Jan 6 • 56:45

How Brady Brumpelt turned a (crazy) idea to anonymously send phallic shaped candy to friends and enemies into $100,000 in 3-months before he sold his online business, DicksByMail. Most recently, Brady and his friends have turned 2 more ideas into reality with back to back crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter.  The Blotendo Harmonicartridge Alcade: Game Console in Your F...

#128: Mark Dawson - Lawyer to $50,000/mth & UK's Best Selling Author on Amazon

Nov 2 • 01:13:57

Learn how a London lawyer, Mark Dawson, went from a 3-hour daily commute to earning a high 6-figure income by self-publishing fiction books.  You'll also learn: How he "exploit" his book to wring more money out of each one.  Online advertising to increase sales of your book - does it work? Get the truth.  The daily routine that's the key to his success but ridiculed by...

#121 From Lawyer to Kindle Bestselling in 1-Year with Patrick King

Feb 2 • 01:07:23

Hold Your Haunches - Hook 2 Sharks on Shark Tank

Dec 13 • 29:17

These self made entrepreneurs descrbie themselves as 2 moms/pals who adore reality TV and abhor exercise. Creators of HYH miracle pants; designed with your behind in mind. As Seen on Shark Tank 4-10-14...

Revolights - Futuristic Bicycle Lights Get $300k on Shark Tank + $215K Crowdfunding

Dec 11 • 29:11

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