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Self Care 101

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Self Care 101 is hosted by Life & Business Coach Puja McClymont. Listen in every Wednesday for her straight-talking, practical support on a range of wellbeing topics - ideal for anyone looking to turn down the noise and tune inwards.

Popular episodes

S2 EP 29 - How to create a winning mindset

Dec 1 • 29:21

Do you think people are born with a winning mindset? Some probably are. Many of us actually could have had a winning mindset from day 1 but life happened, our parents happened, our teachers happened and then the big bad world happened and we lost our way. ...

S2 EP 28 - Building mental resilience

Nov 24 • 34:00

Did you know that you can build resilience? It’s not actually something you’re born with so when you think you’re not able to build resilience, I’m afraid, you’re missing out on an opportunity for growth that’s totally within your reach....

S2 EP 27 - Essential questions to help you build your ideal future

Nov 21 • 36:23

So we’re a few weeks away from the end of 2021 and I’d love to know if you’re ready to build your ideal future?. Can you believe that we’ve been in a pandemic for 2 years!? I really hope this life-changing time in your life has been insightful for you and that you’ve used as many opportunities for growth as possible....

S2 EP 26 - The Importance of Wellbeing in Leadership

Nov 10 • 47:54

Today’s show is a special treat. We’re going to be learning about The importance of wellbeing in leadership with an incredible guest, Richard Twynam....

S2 EP 25 - Stop using language that harms you

Nov 4 • 19:41

If you’ve been into self-development for a while, you’re probably familiar with the way we talk to ourselves but it’s actually incredibly amazing, how much the language we use actually affects us....

S2 EP 24 - How to value yourself

Oct 29 • 22:39

How do you value yourself? Do you value yourself? What does valuing yourself even mean? ...

S2 EP 23 - Who's life are you living?

Oct 21 • 28:12

Who’s life are you living? Ever asked yourself that question? Who’s life are you living? ...

S2 EP 22 - Interview Sharan Nutrition and You: The secret to weight loss

Oct 12 • 36:52

Today’s show is a brilliant one. We’ve all had some sort of battle with our weight and there are sooooo many ways to apparently lose and manage our health goals but what’s the secret to fat loss?...

S2 EP 21 - Unleash your potential for a more fulfilling life

Oct 6 • 21:46

Unleashing your potential is about doing more with your life than just working, paying the bills, a holiday here and there and then dying. There’s so much more that we can be doing that not only makes us feel great about our lives but also contributes to the lives of others. We tend to think in terms of our bubble only, thinking that we don’t have time or that we’re not go...

S2 EP 20 - When life is just too much

Oct 1 • 25:29

At some point, we've all felt when life is just too much so in this episode, I'm sharing a vulnerable and very honest account of going through a low point.

This wasn't a scripted or planned show and I'm not even sure what the message is but if it's relatable, if it resonates, please let me know.

The biggest message is probably not to quit. Just keep going because you have gr...

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