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Seize The Moment Podcast, hosted by Leon Garber and Alen Ulman is a project centered around making the most important and useful ideas in psychology, philosophy, and personal development mainstream. We feature guests from all walks of life whether they be artists, musicians, comedians,Read more

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Seize The Moment Thanksgiving Special: Gratitude, Guests, Year in Review, Lessons Learned | #110

Nov 24 • 01:04:05

On episode 110, Alen and Leon discuss dealing with covid in 2021; the behind the scenes of podcasting - the struggles we both have with anxiety the night before and day of a show, finding ways to remain motivated, and with producing the show; the ways in which our guests have inspired us, especially Mike Walrond and Mohamedou Ould Slahi, who faced death on numerous occasio...

Dr. David Brendel: The Importance of Active Inquiry In Creating Strong Workplaces | STM Podcast #109

Nov 14 • 01:05:43

On episode 109, we welcome back Dr. David Brendel to discuss his new book ‘Think, Talk, Create’; active inquiry deficit disorder and its effects on the health of relationships; how open-ended questions can help save the lives of psychiatric patients; active inquiry as a compassionate way to change harmful behaviors; how red tape and administrative work make it difficult fo...

Jeff Jarrett: Character Creation, NWO 2000, Was Jeff a Four-Horseman? | STM Podcast Bonus Episode

Nov 11 • 13:16

On this special bonus episode, Leon chats with wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett about the development of his wrestling character, from Double J to the King of the Mountain; NWO 2000 and working with Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Scott Steiner; winning the WCW heavyweight championship for the first time; and whether Jeff was actually a member of the four horsemen....

Dr. Rachel Zoffness: Managing Chronic Pain with Psychotherapy | STM Podcast #108

Oct 31 • 54:08

On episode 107, Leon speaks with Dr. Rachel Zoffness about the medical history of pain management; how the opioid crises is fueled by a purely biological understanding of pain; the emotional, social, and biological components of pain; the neurological anatomy of pain; the unhealthy thoughts and actions associated with pain and how changing them helps us modulate it; why th...

Tom Morris: Using Philosophy to Transform the Fear of Change into Success | STM Podcast #107

Oct 24 • 01:12:15

On episode 107, we welcome philosopher Tom Morris to discuss why people naturally fear change despite it being an inextricable part of the human condition, why building confidence and creating habits are better remedies than resistance and isolation, OCD and lack of confidence being at its core, the importance of mentorship, the use of reframing to foster empowerment in se...

Ryan Stelzer: Profiting By Making More Humane Workplaces Using Think Talk Create | STM Podcast #106

Oct 17 • 01:10:29

On episode 106, we welcome  back management consultant Ryan Stelzer to discuss the importance of the active inquiry process known as ‘Think, Talk, Create’; the perils of solely focusing on data and profit, or ‘the quantitative mindset’; the New York Islanders and why moving to Brooklyn was a bad decision; creating psychological safety and long-term perspectives of profit; ...

Emily Kircher-Morris: 2e Students, Neurodiversity, NYC Ending Gifted & Talented Program | STM Podcast #105

Oct 10 • 01:02:23

On episode 105, we welcome back Licensed Professional Counselor Emily-Kircher Morris to discuss teaching twice exceptional (2e) children, the neurodiversity movement and its contribution to helping us accept the neurological differences in one another, Alen’s early struggles with anxiety and how they affected his schoolwork, how specific disabilities (such as Autism, ADHD,...

Andy Norman: Dangerous Ideas, Collaborative Truth-Seeking, & Conspiracy Thinking | STM Podcast #104

Oct 3 • 01:04:17

On episode 104, we welcome back philosopher Andy Norman to discuss how we can protect ourselves from infectious ideas and mind parasites, the Socratic system of rational inquiry and why it’s the most effective truth detector, how people become conspiracy thinkers, anti-vaxx sentiment and the importance of challenging it by doubting the doubters, how skepticism becomes extr...

William Irwin: Turning Philosophy into Poetry and Making Wisdom Accessible | STM Podcast #103

Sep 26 • 58:08

On episode 103, we welcome back philosopher William Irwin to discuss poetry and philosophy, our reactions to William's new book ‘Both/And’, the battle between continental philosophy and analytic philosophy, why aphorisms and platitudes are effective, the struggle between popularity and authenticity and why Ronnie James Dio left the band Rainbow, popular writing and the imp...

David Livingstone Smith: How Monsters, Racists, and Nazis are Made | STM Podcast #102

Sep 19 • 01:06:47

On episode 102, we welcome philosopher David Livingstone Smith to discuss the psychosocial mechanisms of dehumanization, how humans can perceive other humans as both human and sub-human, what lynchings were actually like, how Nazis used psychotherapy and pseudo-scientific propaganda to justify anti-Semitic beliefs, the role of motivated reasoning in maintaining wealthy sla...

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