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A new Podcast Series Starring Co-Hosts Hendrixx & 5yeed "SeenIt" a podcast created for the movie lovers of the world and those looking for good new things to watch, In-depth Movie reviews and Breakdowns, & How it all ties into the aspects of real everyday life.. Just a environment to engage theRead more

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SeenIt Podcast EP: 10 "Judas & The Black Messiah"

Mar 24 • 03:15:34

Join us on our last episode of the season as we head back to the tail end of the civi rights movement to shadow Chairman Fred Hampton and learn about the events that led to his untimely assassination ... Directed by Shaka King and Produced by Ryan Cooler a regular on the show... Starring some regulars as well in Daniel Kaluuya & Lakeith Stanfield. This week we emerge ourse...

SeenIt Podcast EP: 009 "The Pursuit of Happyness"

Mar 17 • 02:03:48

This Week we goes to early 80s San Francisco to learn the story of Chris Gardner a single father whose struggling to survive and thrive whilst trying to provide peace of mind for his child... This week is another biopic that we get to see the raw life of a man who went from rags to riches on his own terms and legally... Now thats some Black History to praise .. Directed by...

SeenIt Podcast EP: 008 "American Gangster"

Mar 10 • 02:40:01

This week on The Seenit Podcast we're back to the tail end of the civil rights movement in Harlem NY to shadow Frank Lucas, the infamous Drug Kingpin and see how his life impacting and destroyed not only himself but many around him ... This is the 2007 Film by Ridley Scott with yet another star studded cast with like of the Legend Denzel Washington, to Russell Crowe & many...

SeenIt Podcast EP: 007 "Django Unchained"

Mar 3 • 02:16:28

This Week we are heading back to the 1800s, horrible time in history and an even worse time for the Culture of African Americans .. We're going the Bounty hunting team of a Young Slave named Django & Dr. King Shultz as the engulf on a journey rescue Django's Damsel in distress, Broomhilda .. but along the way they have mistakes to make and trials to overcome if they hope t...

SeenIt Podcast EP: 006 "Black Panther"

Feb 24 • 03:07:08

On this week, we're going home... We're Joining King T'challa in trying to lead Wakanda into the future, As he deals with internal conflicts own whether to shake things up or follow the tradition the kings before him have laid out & dealing with family drama it drives him to make decisions he never thought he'd have too. So in this second episode of our Black History Month...

SeenIt Podcast EP: 005 "GET OUT !!!!!"

Feb 17 • 03:02:33

Join us as we finally hop into Black History Month .. the best time of year where we get to review and critique films of our culture . Black Led, Black Directed and most of all Empowering to our people ... We start it off this week with the 2017 Critically Acclaimed Directorial Debut film by Jordan Peele entitled "Get Out" Starring Daniel Kaluuya & Allison Williams . We me...

SeenIt Podcast EP: 004 "The Godfather"

Feb 10 • 02:17:20

This Week we're heading back in time to 1940s New York City to shadow Don Vito Corleone and the Infamous Italian American Coreleone Crime Mob Family with a star studded cast ranging from Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, James Caan, & Al Pacino, to Talia Shire and many more .. Join us as we witness life post prohibition firsthand and entering the cutthroat life of the 5 mob fa...

SeenIt Podcast EP: 003 "Scarface"

Feb 3 • 02:41:21

This week we're taking it 1980s Miami to Shadow Antonio Montana ...Everybodys favorite Crazy Cuban ! Join us in a hilarious episode of the SeenIt Podcast as we break down and give you the raw core of the 1983 Critically Acclaimed film "Scarface" Directed by Brian De Palma & Starring the Iconic Al Pacino supported by stars such as Michelle Pfeiffer & Steven Bauer.. Witness ...

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SeenIt Podcast EP: 002 "Whiplash"

Jan 27 • 01:25:52

Episode 2 of the SeenIt Podcast & this week we're taking it to The Shaffer Conservatory to Analyze and laugh through the events that occurred in "Whiplash" the 2014 American Drama, Written & Directed by: Damien Chazelle. Starring Miles Teller & J.K. Simmons, Join us as we walk you through the highs and lows of a Dreamer and just how far some are willing to go for their dre...

SeenIt Podcast EP: 001 "GoNe GIrL"

Jan 20 • 01:49:17

Episode 001: Review of the 2014 film "Gone Girl" Starring Ben Affleck & Rosamund Pike, Directed by David Fincher .. based on the Novel and Screenplay by Gillian Flynn. Check it out for an In depth breakdown of the complex film and general great conversation amongst our co-hosts 5yeed & Hendrixx .. so without further ado and without giving too much away, Grab your popcorn a...

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