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Seeing Red A True Crime Podcast


Seeing Red - A True Crime Podcast, hosted by Mark and Bethan. Join us every Wednesday as we take it in turns to tell each other about true crimes we find interesting! Listen to us explore murders, heists, scams and much, much more, along with our theories about unsolved cases. Check out our bonusRead more

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S6 Ep21: Issei Sagawa - The Kobe Cannibal

Nov 25 • 30:00
This week on Seeing Red, we delve into the life and crimes of Issei Sagawa, the Japanese murderer, cannibal and necrophile...

Show Sponsors: - use code RED10 for 10% off your entire order - code RED2021 for 20% off at checkout for your month's worth of free tailored dog fo...

S6 Ep20: The Tyneside Strangler

Nov 17 • 32:11

S6 Ep19: Finn's Law

Nov 10 • 42:20
This week, Bethan tells us about a case that changed laws and made history...

Finn's Law is named after Finn, a police dog who was stabbed whilst pursuing a suspect with his handler PC David Wardell. Finn sustained serious stab wounds to the chest and head, but only criminal damage charges could be brought against his attacker.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the circums...

S6 Ep18: Sarah Everard

Nov 2 • 01:08:30

S6 Ep17: Accidents Do Happen...

Oct 26 • 43:28

S6 Ep16: Descent into Depravity

Oct 19 • 35:11
This seek on Seeing Red, we have not one, but two cases for you...

First up, Paul Ballard... You may know him by his stage name 'Des'. He committed two very different crimes in 2020 - but what turned this former child star into a depraved monster?

Next up, Hans Kristian and Eva Rausing. A life of opulence and excess resulted in tragic circumstances in 2012, when the couple's...

S6 Ep15: Two Deaths, One Murder

Oct 12 • 45:52
Bethan is BACK!

We had so much fun recording together again! Be warned, we do go off on a few tangents in this one - it was our first time recording together in five months so I suppose it was inevitable!

This week, Bethan explores an intriguing case from Australia which has a number of twists and turns!

Theme music composed by Holly-Jane Shear...

S6 Ep14: The Mysterious Disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh

Oct 5 • 41:13
I am BACK! And so too is Bethan next week!

This week, I take a deep dive into the 1986 disappearance of 25-year-old British estate agent Suzy Lamplugh.

Suzy had the world at her feet when she vanished into thin air after she met a 'client' in the summer of 1986 - the infamous 'Mr Kipper'.

Just what happened to Suzy and who was responsible?

Join me as I look to answer those que...

S6 Ep13: Zack & Addie

Sep 15 • 26:37

S6 Ep12: The Murder of Baby Elsie

Sep 8 • 01:07:38
In 2016, 340 children were adopted in Wales. Ten month old Shayla O’Brien was one of those 340 children.

Like most children put up for adoption, Shayla had entered this world under difficult circumstances. Born to a drug-addicted mother, she was added to the child protection register at birth, in November 2014. She left hospital when she was five days old and she was quickl...

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