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Security In 5 brings you security news, tips and opinions on information IT and general security in about five minutes. Straight and to the point information in a timeframe you can easily listen to in one sitting. Whether you are a security professional or someone that wants to keep personal dataRead more

Popular episodes

Episode 1114 - Tools, Tips and Tricks - Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Scanner

Dec 3 • 06:32

This week's tools, tips, and tricks episode talks about a free wi-fi scanner you can use to help improve your network performance....

Episode 1113 - Twitter Will Start Removing Private Media

Dec 2 • 05:36

Twitter announced a new policy where they will begin removing media that is deemed private. This episode goes into the details and some curious wording on what Twitter considers sensitive or not....

Episode 1112 - A Texas School District To Scan Student's Devices For Communication Red Flags

Dec 1 • 07:43

A school district in Texas is going to start scanning all the student's district-provided devices. They will be looking at all communications, use and email for flag that might be indicative of cyber-bullying and potential mental health issues. This episode talked about this and what piece is missing that could be done....

Episode 1111 - How To Spot Online Shopping Scam

Nov 30 • 08:09

Online shopping is on the increase this time of year and so are the scams. This episode goes through some of the red flags and cautions you should take when buying from online deals....

Episode 1110 - IoT Strikes Again - he UK Going After Default Passwords In Devices

Nov 29 • 07:04

The Internet Of Things Strikes Again. This episode talks about a big first step the UK is taking to address poor security in internet-enabled devices....

EPisode 1109 - Facebook Will Enable End to End Encryption Sometime Soon, Probably

Nov 24 • 06:51

In 2019 Facebook, now Meta, announced they are moving to enable end to end encryption on the messaging apps. It's 2021 and it's not completed and now they say it won't be until 2023 at the earlest. This episode talks about this....

Episode 1108 - Less Than Half Change Passwords Post-Breach, What The Heck

Nov 23 • 07:24

The Identity Theft Resource Center released a report that shows a disturbing trend. The survey showed that more than half of users involved in a breach take no action to strengthen their accounts. This episode breaks it down....

Episode 1107 - Millions Of Broadband Routers Left Exposed For Over A Year

Nov 22 • 06:45

Millions of routers from Sky, a UK based broadband provider, were found to have security vulnerabilities that were left open for 18 months. This episode talks about this and what the security flaw was....

Episode 1106 - Tools, Tips and Tricks - Winaero Tweaker

Nov 19 • 05:14

This week's tools, tips, and tricks talk about a Windows Customization Tool called Winaero Tweaker....

Episode 1105 - Scammers Using Fake Deals To Get Your Info

Nov 18 • 05:59

Scammers go after users of services but they also go after new users. This episode talks about the tactic to trick people in signing up for services with great-sounding deals and how to look out for these types of attacks....

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