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Discover programmes from BBC Radio 4’s Day of The Scientist and beyond! With introductions by Dr. Alex Lathbridge.

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A Good Read with Adam Rutherford and Farrah Jarral

Oct 12 • 28:00
As part of Radio 4's Day of the Scientist Harriett Gilbert asks two scientists and broadcasters to choose a book on a science theme. Adam Rutherford chooses Kazuo Ishiguro's dystopian love story Never Let Me Go. Dr Farrah Jarral says when she first read the novella she has chosen - Octavia Butler's Bloodchild - it blew her mind dealing as it does with interspecies procreat...

The Kitchen Cabinet Science Special

Oct 12 • 28:26
Jay Rayner hosts the culinary panel show packed full of tasty titbits. Joining him this week are Tim Anderson, Sue Lawrence, Shelina Permalloo and Professor Barry Smith to help answer questions from hungry listeners.

This week in a scientific special, the panel are quizzed on their favourite kitchen gadgets, as well as going through nearly every possible configuration of t...

The Life Scientific at 10: What does it take to be a scientist?

Oct 12 • 56:46
How damaging is the stereotype of white males in white coats? Do scientists think differently? Or do the qualities we associate with being a nerd do them a disservice? Is specialism the best way to solve 21st century problems when so many great discoveries are made in the cracks between the disciplines? In short, what makes a scientist, a scientist? Jim and distinguished g...

The Patrick Vallance interview

Oct 12 • 37:23
As Chief Scientific Advisor to the government during a pandemic, Patrick Vallance's calm, clear summaries of the state of our scientific understanding of the virus were welcomed by many. But what was going on behind the scenes? In this extended interview with Jim Al-Khalili on Radio 4's Day of The Scientist, Patrick opens up and together they explore that trickiest of rela...

The Men in the White Coats

Oct 12 • 57:09
Prof Andrea Sella on the shifting image of the scientist in popular culture, from Victor Frankenstein to Iron Man via victorious post-war boffinry and megalomanical Bond villainry.

The monster unleashed by Mary Shelley in her 1818 tale of gruesome gothic horror was in many senses not the creature itself, but the image of its careless creator. The recklessness of the lone sc...

Scientifically presents… Day of The Scientist

Oct 12 • 00:30

Celebrating the life of Sir Clive Sinclair: Computers at home

Sep 17 • 14:02
This week in Scientifically… we celebrate the life of Sir Clive Sinclair with this episode from the series Computing Britain that looks at how 'micro computers' invaded the home in the 1980s.

In this episode, Hannah Fry discovers how the computer was transported from the office and the classroom right into our living room.

From eccentric electronics genius Clive Sinclair a...

Jim Al-Khalili's Life Scientific

Sep 3 • 35:27
In an ideal (quantum) world, Jim Al-Khalili would be interviewing himself about his life as a scientist but since the production team can’t access a parallel universe, Adam Rutherford is stepping in to ask Jim questions in front of an audience at The Royal Society. Jim and his family left Iraq in 1979, two weeks before Saddam Hussein came to power, abandoning most of their...

Genetic Dreams, Genetic Nightmares - Episode 3

Aug 11 • 29:00
CRISPR is the latest and most powerful technique for changing the genetic code of living things. This method of gene editing is already showing great promise in treating people with gene-based diseases, from sickle cell disease to cancer. However, in 2018 the use of CRISPR to edit the genes of two human embryos, which were subsequently born as two girls in China, caused ou...

Genetic Dreams, Genetic Nightmares - Episode 2

Jul 28 • 29:01
Professor Matthew Cobb looks at how genetic engineering became big business - from the first biotech company that produced human insulin in modified bacteria in the late 1970s to the companies like Monsanto which developed and then commercialised the first GM crops in the 1990s. Were the hopes and fears about these products of genetic engineering realised?

First broadcast o...

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