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114 | The Human Electromagnetic Field / Your Personal Energy Field

Dec 7 • 43:01
The human electromagnetic field, this is something that you may or may not have heard of before. This is something not really taught to us and it is extremely powerful to understand the human electromagnetic field or our personal energy field.
There is a type of measurable field that comes off around us and the truth is when you believe then you start to see how powerful th...

113 | Distinguishing Between Your Intuition / Higher Self and Your Ego / Anxiety

Nov 30 • 32:07

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112 | How To Access The Flow State (The 3rd Level of Awareness)

Nov 23 • 37:50

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with information. Our brains have so much to process that it can be rather stressful and our brains are doing the best they can with all the information. With the common day stresses of processing all the information, it can be rather hard to access a flow state. ...

111 | An Introduction to Astrology and Birth Charts with Stephanie Powers

Nov 16 • 01:09:47

Most of us have heard of the term Astrology. We may even associate it with a daily horoscope based on what sign we are according to our birthday. What if we told you there is so much more to it than that?...

110 | My Spiritual Awakening & Manifestation Story

Nov 9 • 46:34

Today I have the privilege of sharing my personal development and spiritual journey over the last 8 years with you! I truly hope that this inspires you and ignites a fire within you to tap into your connection with the Infinite to create results you would LOVE in your life. Sometimes it can feel lonely on "the path" and stories can help us know we're not alone. So enjoy li...

109 | How To Sharpen Your Psychic Abilities with Sheila V.

Nov 2 • 49:41

Today we have with us the amazing Sheila V, a professional psychic medium and the author of Brave: Courageously Live Your Truth. Shelia dives in on how to sharpen your psychic abilities as she shares her incredible story of awakening and what it was like leaving corporate America after 20 years. Going through a spiritual awakening is a very confusing time and it's importan...

108 | Developing Your Ability To Respond To Stress Instead Of Reacting To It

Oct 26 • 28:26

Stress is something we all face and it is a part of the human experience. In today's episode, we dive into our body's stress response. We talk about the body's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual response to stress and how to walk with it verse eliminate it. When stress affects our body and mind it the affects our spirituality because our body is a vehicle for our s...

107 | Advanced Meditation & How To Experience It with William Martino, Meditation Master

Oct 19 • 53:56

In today's episode we have the special honor of having William Martino, meditation master, with us to talk about advanced meditation and how to experience it. William has quite an extraordinary story of how he came to be a meditation master and author of 12 books. He has such a beautiful and grounded way of breaking down information to help you integrate it. ...

106 | The Ancient Wisdom of Tai Chi Gung with Master Lama Rasaji

Oct 12 • 53:05

We have the honor of having some truly amazing guests on this podcast and we love every minute with them. We learn so much from them and it is such a beautiful experience to share the space and the energy with others. In today’s episode we are especially honored to have a mesmerizing guest, Master Lama Rasaji with us....

105 | Overcoming Emotional Addiction By Calibrating Your Energy With "New Thought"

Oct 5 • 23:18

Hey! Kevin here and I have the privilege of sharing a solo episode with you today. I felt inspired to dive into what's called "emotional addiction", which is where we get stuck in cycles of feeling the same emotion again and again. It can feel like there's no way out because the "withdrawal" seems so real, but that's where energy calibration comes in!...

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