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You want to start a podcast, but you’re not sure where to start. You need advice on how to grow or monetize your show, and stop being so scared that it won’t work! I can help by showing you what mistakes NOT TO MAKE and much more. Subscribe to the show and soak in the 16+ years of podcastingRead more

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Honestly, How Long Does it Take to Create an Amazing Podcast Episode?

Nov 29 • 01:11:32

For years I've told people THE BEST ratio I've ever achieved is 4 TO 1 when it comes to making a podcast episode. In other words, a 15-minute podcast will take an hour. ...

Learn How You Can Help Others by Sharing Your Abilities with Glenn Hebert

Nov 22 • 46:02

Today we look at how two entertainment icons had MORE success AFTER they quit trying to be something they weren't and decided to be themselves. ...

20 Tips To immediately Speed up Your Podcast Production

Nov 15 • 50:36

If you are looking to speed up your podcast production, then this episode is for you. I have compiled 20 tips that will help you take the stress out of producing a quality audio file in a timely manner. From planning to editing, here are some quick tricks that will make your podcast shine! ...

Revealing Secrets from 800 Episodes - Keeping Your Sanity While Podcasting

Nov 8 • 59:55

We hear of podcasters getting these big deals for big bucks, and congratulations to all. However, this is not the norm. Just because you start a podcast does not mean you will end up like Rich Uncle Pennybag from Monopoly....

They See You Before They Hear You Podcast Branding With Mark Des Cotes

Nov 1 • 40:59
For a lot of people, podcasting is just a hobby. They think it's fun to talk about their favorite topics and share them with the world. But for some, podcasting can be so much more than that! It can become a business or even an income source. If you've been thinking about starting your own podcast, here are some tips on how to brand your show like a pro:

For entrepreneurs ...

Does the Audience Need to Hear Your Guests ENTIRE Backstory?

Oct 25 • 44:22

You tell me that your guest is a master of (skill) and I'm ready to hear about (skill), but first, you make me listen to where he went to high school, and his entire backstory while all I want to talk about is how he can help me boost (skill). ...

What Podcasters Can Learn From Squid Game

Oct 18 • 32:39

The new series Squid Game on Netflix shot to number 1 in four days. I watched episode 1 and immediately binged the whole thing. This is a very popular show and has become Netflix's best launch....

Common Podcast Mistakes III (and other Podcast BS)

Oct 11 • 40:12

As someone who works in the podcast space, and spends hours hanging out in the community there are things I see that make me scratch my head. There are EASY things to do that will help you grow your audience. ...

Taking a Break and Coming Back From Your Podcast

Oct 4 • 39:45

There are times when I feel podcasters over-think things, and one of them is "How do I come back if I take an unplanned break?" It's not a whole lot different than starting a podcast from scratch (except it's easier)....

What Inspires People To Tell a Friend?

Sep 27 • 42:01

Today is a "Question of the Month" episode where we share something we recommended and WHY....

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