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Scene on Radio is a Peabody-nominated podcast that dives deeply into issues central to American society, exploring who we were and who we are. Recent many-part series include Seeing White, looking at the roots and meaning of white supremacy, and *MEN, *exploring the past and present of sexism andRead more

Popular episodes

REBROADCAST: S4 E8 The Second Redemption

Jan 13 • 01:07:13

This special re-broadcast of a Season 4 episode is in response to the attack on the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters. A look at the right-wing counterrevolution in the face of expanding democracy in America: It started long before Donald Trump....

BONUS EPISODE: Election 2020

Nov 24 • 31:14

What does the 2020 election in the United States tell us, or remind us, about the state of democracy in America? A follow-up to our Season 4 series on democracy, The Land That Never Has Been Yet. Host and producer John Biewen talks with series collaborator Chenjerai Kumanyika....

Hearing Hiroshima (Rebroadcast)

Aug 3 • 34:02

The word “Hiroshima” may bring to mind a black-and-white image of a mushroom cloud. It’s easy to forget that it’s an actual city with a million people and a popular baseball team. In 1995, John Biewen visited the city to speak with survivors and to ask: What did the world’s first atomic bombing mean in the place where it happened? ...

S4 E12: More Democracy

Jun 10 • 57:20

What will it take to make the United States a more fully-functioning democracy, and how can we, as citizens, bring about that change? ...

S4 E11: More Truth

May 27 • 56:43

How well do the news media serve us as citizens, and what role does the notion of “objective,” or “neutral,” journalism play in the failings of American democracy?...

S4 E10: Schooled for Democracy

May 13 • 59:06

In most American schools, children *hear about *democracy, but don’t get to *practice *it. What would a more engaged brand of civics education look like?...

S4 E9: American Empire

Apr 29 • 01:00:53

“America” and “empire.” Do those words go together? If so, what kind of imperialism does the U.S. practice, and how has American empire changed over time? ...

S4 E8: The Second Redemption

Apr 15 • 01:03:05

The conservative, neoliberal counterrevolution in the face of expanding democracy in America: It started long before Donald Trump. Even before Ronald Reagan and his like-minded counterpart across the Atlantic, Margaret Thatcher.  ...

S4 E7: Freedom Summer

Apr 1 • 01:07:09

In the summer of 1964, about a thousand young Americans, black and white, came together in Mississippi to place themselves in the path of white supremacist power and violence. They issued a bold pro-democracy challenge to the nation and the Democratic Party. ...

Bonus Episode: Pandemic America

Mar 27 • 23:52

In this special episode, host John Biewen and series collaborator Chenjerai Kumanyika discuss

the coronavirus pandemic and how the crisis, and the nation’s response to it, echo themes we’re exploring in our Season 4 series on democracy in the United States. ...

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