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Scaling up: Lessons from the world's best CEOs and Founders


“Scaling Up” is a new podcast series that tells the stories of great growth companies from around the world, as experienced by their founders and CEOs. With the aim of inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs, as well as helping current business leaders, this podcast series gives incredibleRead more

Popular episodes

The future is Brighte - Katherine McConnell, CEO and founder, Brighte

Nov 28 • 41:20
Katherine McConnell, the founder and CEO of Brigthe is revolutionising how Australians are financing and decentralising sustainable energy solutions in their homes. A former Macquarie banker, and mother of two, Katherine initially mortgaged the family home to go after the opportunity of becoming the leading consumer finance business in the space. And that she has – Brighte...

Eating the bank's lunch w/ Athena Home Loans co-founders Nathan Walsh and Michael Starkey

Nov 21 • 47:38

Welcome to the fifth season of Scaling Up! Expect an ecclectic mix of incredible Australian growth stories, told by their founders and CEOs. Some of the episodes are with businesses at the earlier stages of their scaling up journey, as well as a few of Australia’s largest listed businesses. Regardless of scale, or business model, there are some common scaling pain points, ...

Conquering the world from Southeast Asia w/ Abhishek Gupta, co-Founder Circles.Life

Jun 23 • 45:39

Abhishek Gupta is the co-Founder of Circles Life, Asia’s first fully digital telco. Everything a Circles customer experiences is completely online, bringing the same level of sophistication to the telco world that consumers enjoy in many other walks of life, such as their food delivery or ride sharing....

CFO Mini Series (part II) - 'Rocketships and Receivables' w/ David Obstler, CFO Datadog

Jun 18 • 32:58

David Obstler is the CFO of Datadog (NASDAQ:DDOG), a $30b hyper growth monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. Few current active CFOs have been at the forefront of fast growing technology companies like David has - he is the seasoned pro that founders and CEOs have turned to to help them scale effectively for the last 25 years. You may remember from a pre...

CFO Mini Series (part 1): "Racing through the Gears"- Jill Woodworth, CFO Peloton

Jun 8 • 34:02

The first episode in this mini series is Jill Woodworth, the CFO of Peloton (NASDAQ:PTON). Since 2018, when Jill joined, Peleton has been on a hyper scale journey – she took the reins of the finance function when the business was a private, $200m revenue company. In under 4 years since then, it is now a $4b revenue business listed on the NASDAQ. ...

The Ultimate Servant Leader - Ethan Berman, Founder and CEO RiskMetrics (1998-2010)

Jun 2 • 01:04:34

Ethan Berman, was the CEO and founder of the NYSE listed Risk Metrics, until it was bought by MSCI in 2010 for US$1.55b....

Entertaining and Entrepreneurship - Howard Lerman, CEO and co-Founder Yext

May 26 • 46:02

Howard Lerman is the CEO and co-founder of Yext(NYSE:YEXT) a US$360m revenue business that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange....

A Modern Day Wonder Woman - Therese Tucker, Founder, Executive Chairperson, and former CEO Blackline Inc

May 19 • 47:22
Therese Tucker is the founder, former CEO and current Executive Chair of the NASDAQ Listed, $6b market cap business Blackline Inc. (NASDAQ:BL)
Therese is a pioneer in every sense - an inspiring woman who has written her own script at every point in her career. As a 40 year old single mum of 2, she decided to bootstrap an enterprise software company - building Blackline over...

Ahead of the Curve - Bill Magnuson, Co-Founder and CEO of Braze

May 11 • 51:21

Welcome back for another series of Scaling Up. Season 4 will again explore some of the great growth stories from around the world....

The power of compounding - Hamish Douglass, Co-founder, CIO and Chairman, Magellan Financial Group

Dec 2 • 45:47

A very special guest rounds out series 3, with many listeners very familiar with Hamish, Magellan, their investment philosophy and sustained success. ...

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