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You have limited time in this life, so how will you spend it? What is the role of money and work in a happy, meaningful life? Can we do work that helps people, planet, AND creates wealth? These are the questions that keep me up at night, and these are the questions I will be asking the world's mostRead more

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#8 Vicki Saunders: Everything is broken, what a great time to be alive

Sep 10 • 48:04

Vicki is the founder of SheEO, serial entrepreneur, and a leading advocate for entrepreneurship as a way of creating positive transformation in the world. Her mission is to radically transform how we support finance and celebrate female entrepreneurs.

SheEO is the world's first global community of radically generous women building a $1B perpetual fund to support women worki...

#7 Norman Crowley: Create impactful, profitable businesses that SCALE.

Aug 3 • 51:28

Norman Crowley is on a mission to cool the planet. Right now he's doing it by tackling energy efficiency, creating delicious meatless meat, educating young people, and converting gorgeous electric cars.
Norman knows how to create hugely impactful, hugely profitable businesses that SCALE.

He's the entrepreneur behind The Cool Planet group and founder of Crowley Carbon, the ...

#6 Pete Bethune: You have a role in saving our precious planet

Jun 23 • 01:02:51

Pete Bethune has been shot at, run over by a Japanese security vessel, incarcerated in Libya and Japan, and held under armed guard in a Guatemalan Military camp… all in the name of protecting our natural planet. ...

#5 A conversation with Naval Ravikant

May 6 • 52:00

Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur, angel investor, philosopher and bibliophile.
The reason I love his work isn't because he's the co-founder of AngelList, an Edmund Hillary Fellow, or even that he invested early in Uber and Twitter.

It's because he brings clarity to the topics that are most needed, and the hardest to cogently articulate. Those pesky little things like trut...

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#3 Create your infinite game: Bart De Vries, CEO & Founder of Limber

Feb 15 • 26:10

This week's episode is Bart De Vries, CEO & Founder of Limber
Bart's mission is to make people and planet healthier, one desk at a time. When he combined his experience as a high performance athlete and as a physio, with his passion for business, the Limber desk was born....

#2 From corporate life to social entrepreneur: Dana Gray, co-founder of Spring

Feb 11 • 41:21

Dana has lived several lives - high performance athlete, high-flying accountant, to social entrepreneur. If you know you need to make a leap from your current work into something more purpose-driven, this will be a good episode for you.

Dana is co-founder at Spring. The New Zealand startup using tech to help people that are living in financial hardship grow their financial...

#1 Introducing... Save Planet, Get Rich!

Jan 27 • 00:57

This is the podcast where the worlds of business and 'helping the planet' collide!
Trigger warning: you might just quit your job, start your own business-for-good, and become a social entrepreneur.

Each episode will include an interview with the world's most interesting leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and activists to find out how they're building their empires for purpo...

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