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Bringing the Dharma to South Texas

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Colin Gipson - Refraining from Hate

Jun 13 • 24:32

Colin speaks about the nuances of hate and how to instead practice non-hate....

Colin Gipson - Opening the door to Reality

Jun 13 • 20:26

Colin recalls the stories of Fuzan Hoen (and his role in our lineage) as well as of Kumarata and Gayashata to remind us that Reality is the same on either side of the door we're on....

Colin Gipson - For the Benefit of All

Jun 13 • 23:02

Colin speaks about our interconnectedness and the practice we take up to care for each other....

Colin Gipson - Sojun Mel Weitsman

Jan 9 • 24:51

Colin speaks about the legacy of the late Sojun Mel Weitsman Roshi and the relationship between student and teacher....

Colin Gipson - Sejiki

Nov 16 • 29:30

Colin speaks about Sejiki, a ceremony to comfort the ancestral spirits, and an important ceremony in the Sōtō Zen School. This ceremony is performed as a way of making offerings to the family ancestors, to one’s parents, relatives, and spirits of other people we are connected with, as well as for spirits that are no longer connected to any living person, also known as Hung...

Myogan Djinn Gallagher - Not Knowing Is Most Intimate

Nov 16 • 25:44

Myogan Djinn Gallagher is the resident priest and teacher at Black Mountain Zen Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland....

Colin Gipson - Returning to the Breath

Nov 9 • 24:31

Colin speaks about the importance of returning to the breath. ...

Cuca Montecel Sensei - Not Knowing Is Most Intimate

Oct 26 • 16:03

In this talk, given during her online sesshin, Not Knowing Is Most Intimate, Cuca Montecel Sensei speaks about the unknowable nature of life, the futility of attempting to control it, and the intimacy that not knowing brings....

Colin Gipson - Dānapāramitā

Sep 7 • 25:43

Colin discusses dānapāramitā, its importance, and the various ways one can practice generosity....

Heather Martin - Following the Breath

Sep 6 • 20:14

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