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Award-winning radio presenter Sam Sethi talks with some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs about their career highlights and current startup. He brings his lifelong passion for all things business & tech to his podcast and asks the key questions you'd ask, all in his fun, relaxed, informativeRead more

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Katz Kiely Talks about how helps the NHS with PPE and why they have open sourced the platform.

Feb 3 • 26:30

Katz Kiely’s is the CEO and founder of Beep, a behavioural empowerment platform. She’s also responsible to kickstarting and bootstrapping a marvellous initiative called Frontline.Live.

Frontline.Live is the first national open data rapid response platform - designed to get health care workers the PPE they need when they need it. It collects, aggregates and v...

Franz-Josef Schrepf talks about the rapid growth of Hopin and the acquisition of StreamYard

Feb 2 • 28:14

We talk about Hopin:
- becoming a double unicorn worth $2.1bn in less than 18 months
- hiring 800 people at 40 new people per week
- the StreamYard acquisition and integration
- the potential threat of Clubhouse if any?

On 3rd February Johnny Boufarhat and Geige Vandentop will host a Hopin event for free to discuss the acquisition and their plans for Hopin 2021....

Monika Wiela talks about how Give Back Box uses old Amazon boxes to help charities around the world.

Jan 21 • 13:47
Give Back Box® was founded in 2012 by Monika Wiela, who at the time was running an online shoe store. The idea was inspired by a homeless man she encountered in Chicago, who was holding up a sign saying he needed a pair of shoes. Wiela returned later that day with shoes for him, but he was gone. She spent that night thinking about what she could do with all the empty boxes...

Minter Dial talks about his new book "You Lead: How Being Yourself Makes You a Better Leader

Jan 11 • 28:39
There is a need for a new kind of leadership; one that bleeds personality and rings true to employees and customers alike who crave authenticity. You Lead argues that business leaders deliver superior results, communities of engagement both inside and outside of the company and true values-driven success when they are themselves and come across as genuine.

Bestselling autho...

Bhushan Sethi talks about the future of work in a post-covid hybrid workplace with a K-shape recovery.

Dec 21 • 29:33

Sam and Bhushan talked about the future of work and how PwC along with their clients have managed through the covid crisis and more importantly what they plan to do in 2021....

Charlie Cadbury talks about Donate Now and the future of frictionless voice commerce.

Sep 25 • 13:10

Faisal Galaria talks about the rebirth of Blippar and the future of augmented reality.

Aug 10 • 52:21

Sam and Faisal talked about his recent tenure as CEO of Blippar. Why now is the right time for an Augmented Reality (AR) rebirth and what are his expansion plans globally for Blippar....

Mukul Devichand talks about why the BBC is launching their own smart voice assistant called ‘Beeb’.

Jul 13 • 46:10

Sam talked with Mukul about how this very early beta project fits into the wider BBC strategy across multiple services to act as a trusted public service voice assistant to the vast array of content on TV, Radio and Sounds (podcasts), be it local, national or international....

Martin Steers talks about the Community Radio Awards and the New UK Community Radio Network.

Jun 13 • 01:15:15

Sam Sethi had the pleasure to interview Martin Steers the station manager at NLive Radio and Chair of Community Radio Awards....

Nigel Eccles talks about the growth of Flick & the on-going litigation of FanDuel

May 3 • 27:31

Sam talks with Nigel Eccles about his new company Flick. A companion app for sports fans who want to watch a game while chatting online with likeminded fans and friends....

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