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Conversations with trailblazers, rule breakers, those who pave their own lane and venture boldly into the unknown. By entering this unchartered arena they inevitably stumble, yet they all display an ability to innovate and contribute, even when the odds are not in their favour. We skip over theRead more

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34. Stephanie Case - 'The Ultimate Outlier', a UN Human Rights Lawyer who breaks running conventions

Dec 30 • 02:04:16
"There is a value doing work where you are able to support one person or are able to shift the landscape in the tiniest way and move a millimetre in the right direction. You have to believe wholeheartedly in what you are doing or you will lose your mind."

Stephanie Case is a human rights lawyer and women’s rights advocate with expertise in conflict settings and humanitarian...

33. Rich Roll (part 2) - Path towards Healing, Redemption and Wholeness.

Nov 19 • 01:14:13
This is PART 2 of my conversation with Rich Roll - jump back to episode 32, if you haven't heard PART 1.

* * *

It's with great pleasure that I release two episodes (Part 1 & 2) with the thought provoking and thoughtful Rich Roll. Episodes which I believe will serve those who know and do not know his story. Rich is an explorer of ideas and he has mastered multiple mediums in ...

32. Rich Roll (part 1) - Path towards Healing, Redemption and Wholeness.

Nov 19 • 56:16
"I didn't change my diet and become an endurance athlete to stay there. These are tools for growth. That growth continues, it's ever lasting. You should always be committed to iterating and growing - so whats next. If I was so blind about how i was living in certain ways, I am still blind to so many things now. How can I pull the blinders off. What other areas of my life n...

31. Mark Mathieson: the psychology of soldiers and the impact of combat

Nov 11 • 01:21:40
"To pretend that we didn't know people were burning out, becoming dysfunctional and most likely that was collectively happening across the Command - was at the best naive and at the worst it was intentional neglect."

Mark is a registered Psychologist and over the past 20 years has worked in some of the strangest, harshest and least 'clinical' environments on the globe. This...

30. Mark Wales - 'The Transformer', Former SAS Troop Commander: how to improve remote chances & the potency of trust.

Oct 21 • 01:45:22
For episode 30, I have interviewed a man I consider to be the best TRANSFORMER I know. Someone who has gone from the being a Troop Commander with the SAS, a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, Consultant at McKinsey & Company, starting his own tough luxury fashion label 'Kill Kapture', compelling and in demand Keynote Presenter and Author.

He also happens to be my h...

29. Megan Hine: 'Mind of a Survivor' - what the wild has taught one of the world's best known wilderness experts

Oct 14 • 02:06:10
"Your mind can have so much control over your body when you don't want to do something."

Megan Hine is a British survival expert, consultant, adventurer, climber, television presenter and expedition leader - taking celebrities and TV crews into uncharted territory.

She is widely known for her work alongside Bear Grylls on TV shows including Running Wild, ITV's Bear Grylls: M...

28. Mindy Zemrak - 'The Pitching Queen': Emmy Nominated Casting Producer for Shark Tank & Competitor Relations Director for the World's Toughest Race.

Oct 1 • 01:06:02
"I feast upon the challenge that is presented to me"

Mindy is an Emmy Nominated Casting Producer for Shark Tank (United States) and has been with the show throughout its 12 seasons. We caught up whilst she was working on the show 'in a bubble' in Los Vegas. She is also the Competitor Relations Director for the World's Toughest Race for the Amazon Prime Video (doco -series),...

27. Dean Karnazes - 'to know thyself you have to push thyself'

Sep 23 • 01:05:01
Dean is the OG of ultra marathon running and the epitome of someone who has had the time, breadth of adventure and ability to intellectualise the running experience.

Dean is the reason that many people know what an ultramarathon is and the instigator for many people to give one a try. TIME magazine named him one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.” Men’s F...

26. Sarah Davidson: How to dream big but plan small, navigate through unpredictability and redefine 'success'

Sep 15 • 01:26:07
""Are you on auto pilot or are you choosing the path you are on?"

This week on the podcast I am interviewing one of my nearest and dearest Sarah Davidson (formerly Sarah Holloway). A lady who I certainly consider to be in my inner tribe, quite literally the smartest person I know, fellow lover of verbose responses, 'lawyer turned funtrepreneur' (podcast host + author + entr...

25. Brian Finestone: The Business of Adventure - Risk, Reinvention and Living in your Dream Job.

Sep 8 • 01:06:53
" There isn't one thing that is at the end of the journey, there are going to be multiple lines of income. Find what you are good at, what works for you & what is the lifestyle you want to live." Brian Finestone hails from Whistler Canada and he is your all round adventure man & guide.

** If you have ANY ISSUES with the audio from this episode, please re-download the episo...

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