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A weekly Salesforce podcast that helps you become a better Salesforce technologist.

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92. Learning Rust Language | Scott Lee

Dec 2 • 00:00

Scott Lee, who joins to talk about Rust Language, is CEO of Elega Corporation, Senior Salesforce Developer, Game Builder, and PluralSight Author. Main Points How did Scott start learning Rust Why is Rust fast How to learn Rust Is Rust a OO language Can Rust do things high-level languages do Expand knowledge and learn new languages Links Scott’s LinkedIn Scott’s Twitter Sco...

91. Diversify Your Skills | Scott Lee

Nov 18 • 00:00

Scott Lee, who joins to talk about Diversify Your Skills, is CEO of Elega Corporation, Senior Salesforce Developer, Game Builder, and PluralSight Author. Main Points How did Scott get into coding at the beginning How did Scott learn Salesforce From learning python to creating the course for Python Spend time on your passion The steam game Scott is developing Salesforce dev...

90. Trailhead Year One | Joshua Birk

Nov 4 • 00:00

Joshua Birk, who joins to talk about Trailhead Year One, is a Senior Director, Developer evangelist, godfather of Trailhead, the host of the Salesforce Developer Podcast. Main Points What is Josh’s job in the Salesforce The story about the Medals tool Josh created The Learning Paths project that predated Trailhead Where did the name Trailhead come from When did Josh think ...

89. Object-Oriented Thinking | Aidan Harding

Oct 21 • 34:45

Aidan Harding, who joins to talk about Object-Oriented Thinking, is a senior developer and Technology Director at Nebula Consulting Ltd. Main Points OO language in the 1990s SOLID principles Inheritance and composition Refactoring Talking about “reusing the code is not the reason to break things into objects” OO construction Related resources Links Aidan’s LinkedIn Aidan’s...

88. Salesforce Quality Engineer | Julian Joseph

Oct 9 • 47:09

Julian Joseph, who joins to talk about Salesforce Quality Engineer topic, is a Salesforce Quality Architect, Senior Salesforce QA. Julian has tremendous experience in Quality Engineering, Test Automation, and the DevOps area. Main Points Julian’s self-introduction  What does Julian do in Salesforce What does the quality team do in Salesforce The importance of naming conven...

87. LWC for VisualForce Developers | Alba Rivas

Jun 24 • 29:07

Alba Rivas, who joins to talk about LWC for VisualForce Developers, is the Lead Developer Advocate at Salesforce, former Salesforce MVP and dreamOlé organizer, 9x Certified. Main Points The resource collection on this topic (a sample app, 3 trailhead modules, and the webinar series in English & Spanish) How to leverage Low-code tools in LEX to replace Visualforce The benef...

86. User Interface API – Christian Menzinger

Apr 29 • 24:39

Christian Menzinger, who joins to talk about User Interface API, is a self-employed Germany-based Salesforce developer, trainer, Salesforce MVP, Community leader. Main Points What is the User Interface API? What problem does it solve? How is it in use before and in LWC? Examples of usage scenarios and sample code Links Christian’s Twitter Christian’s LinkedIn User Interfac...

85. Einstein Analytics Dashboard | Carl Brundage

Apr 8 • 32:10

Carl Brundage, who joins to talk about Einstein Analytics Dashboards, is a Salesforce CTA, 30 x certified, and Data & Analytics expert. Main points In this conversation, Carl talked about the differences between Salesforce built-in dashboards and Einstein Analytics Dashboards (recently renamed to Tableau CRM), the various phases of utilizing data, and how to implement a su...

84. Look Outside of Salesforce | Leo Alves

Jan 22 • 35:30

Leo Alves, who joins to talk about Look outside of Salesforce, is a Software engineer and Salesforce developer based on Australia. Main Points In this conversation, Leo talked about his non-IT background and how he entered Salesforce and gradually became a Salesforce developer. He also shared why he considers it important to learn IT skills outside of Salesforce. Links Leo...

83. Domain-Driven Design | David Felkel

Dec 18 • 34:43

David Felkel, who joins to talk about Domain-Driven Design, is a Munich based Salesforce developer, software engineer, scrum master. He is also on his freelancer journey. Main points What is Domain-Driven Design (DDD)? Ubiqitous language and its natural synergy with Salesforce Technical DDD in Salesforce – how is it limited? DDD and Apex – what can be used in Salesforce? H...

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