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How This Voice Actor Went VIRAL on TikTok

Jul 14 • 25:03

If you are a TikTok enthusiast, then you might've come across Brady LaRock's famous TikTok Trend.  "The year is......"  Brady started his TikTok journey in late 2020 and after months of posting content to get his Voice Acting brand out into the world, he stopped.  After 3 months of no content, he decided to continue experimenting and being consistent on the video platform....

The Secret Sauce to DAVE'S HOT CHICKENS' massive growth!

Jun 12 • 43:13

Established in 2017 as a pop-up in an East Hollywood parking lot, Dave's Hot Chicken took off in a blaze of Nashville-style spicy fried chicken, starting with one storefront but now looking ahead to the launch of nearly 300 franchise locations throughout North America  Had the pleasure of interviewing Sam Fonseca, Vice President of Operations at Elevated Restaurant Group. ...

CrossPod #2 SalesDevSquad x 1UpSalesDevelopment w Jackson Lieu

Jan 24 • 01:17:08

Jackson Lieu and I started our podcasts around the same time and haven't stopped since.  This is our second annual cross pod.  1UpSalesDevelopment x SalesDevSquad  We reflect on how we've grown since the first collaboration, our inspiration for future creators, and just being our silly selves.  Thanks for watching. Stay tuned for another cross-pod next year!  Connect with ...

Episode 57: How to leverage content marketing with Martin Malloy

Jan 14 • 31:38

Content is king.  Digital consumption is increasing.  Cold calls are not effective alone.  How can businesses add value to their customers without coming across as selfish?  How can we leverage the power of storytelling to capture the attention of our audience?  Introducing content marketing.  Huge thank you to Annaleah Glick from BookNook for making this connection.  Conn...

Episode 56: How to confidently leverage referrals with Ziad Hijazi

Jan 7 • 20:42

Referrals are the lifeblood of any financial advisor's pipeline.  SDRs and AE's are constantly scraping and pounding the phones for new opportunities.  Are referrals perhaps a more efficient way to receive warmer opportunities?  See what it takes to break into the financial advisement space and much more.  The SalesDevSquad has one mission: to help you create your next opp...

Episode 55: How to go from US Marine to Video Creator with Rich Cardona

Dec 31 • 35:44

Founder of Rich Cardona hops on the SalesDevSquad podcast for a great conversation around entrepreneurship, video content creation, and going after your dreams.  Want to learn how to start building a library of video content? Do you have what it takes to start your own business through new media?    Connect with Rich: The SalesDevSq...

Episode 54: How to support mental health during covid with Ryan Zadrazil

Dec 23 • 21:05

Ryan Zadrazil is more than just a salesperson.  He is an advocate for mental health.  He is passionate about helping college students get the support they need.  BetterMynd partners with colleges to provide online therapy sessions  Connect with Ryan: https://www.linkedin…com/in/ryanzadrazil/ The SalesDevSquad has one mission: to help you create your next opportunity in the...

Episode 53: What is true Sales Enablement with Jared Wexler

Dec 17 • 28:35

Jared Wexler, a sales enablement expert shares his thoughts on the multiple opportunities available for SDRs outside of traditional closing roles.  Sales Enablement is an up and coming area within SaaS organizations.  This single department is responsible for supporting sales reps with continuous training and resources.    Jared is now dipping his toe in the sales engineer...

Episode 52: How to go from NBA dancer to SDR superstar with Megan Castro

Dec 9 • 16:03

Megan Castro joins us this week!  She spent 5 years dancing for the Denver Nuggets, all while attending CU Boulder full time.  Now she is helping companies accelerate onboarding and remote productivity at Spekit.  Connect with Megan: https://www.linkedin…an-castro-4506a6144/ The SalesDevSquad has one mission: to help you create your next opportunity in the digital age of s...

Episode 51: How to learn by teaching with Bryan Whittington

Dec 2 • 29:34

Bryan Whittington is a jack of all trades, and currently a managing partner at EBS growth.  Had the pleasure of being on Bryan's podcast, check it out here: https://www.himalaya…mp;Share_to=copylink Bryan has a wealth of knowledge in many fields, what stands out to me is his 10+ years as a sales trainer for Sandler training.  Tune in to see how investing in your learning a...

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