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A Sailor Moon fan podcast, discussing the 1992 anime series, with Jordan D. White and Chris Sims.

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Sailor Business 201 - So Long, Sailors

Oct 11 • 01:19:56

Sailor Business 200 - Everyone Should Be Dead

Jun 30 • 01:34:22
This is it--the final episode of the 1992 Sailor Moon Anime. 200 episodes later, nearly seven years coming, and we end on Tsukino Usagi's 43rd birthday. It's a bittersweet moment for us all, I am not going to lie, and we're very happy to be joined by AC Sullivan for this last episode. Is this the end of Sailor Business? Send us your thoughts on that on twitter @SailorBusin...

Sailor ComMoonTary 002 - Reginald Vel Johnson Terminology

Jun 23 • 40:19
We're back again with a second ComMoonTary, this time on the episode YOU (or listeners like you) voted for us to discuss--the Rhett Butler episode, aka the one with Zoicite wearing a herd of rats, aka the one with that alleyway scene, aka the one where the fat cat is in love with Luna! Oh Man, this is a good one, and we're joined again by Annie Craton of The Jem Jam podcas...

Sailor ComMoonTary 001 - Yes Cat, I Shall Become a Moon

Jun 16 • 43:38
What the--?! Are we delaying ending out series??? Yes, yes we are. Before we end the Sailor Moon series, we're going back to the beginning of it all to do a commentary track for the first episode of the series! Get you Hulu subscription ready and listen along as Jordan and Chris are joined with by Annie Craton of The Jem Jam podcast to talk their way through the origin of ...

Sailor Business 199 - Did You Try Friendship?

May 25 • 01:16:22
It's all down to this--the last two episodes of Sailor Moon ever... or at least, of Sailor Stars, which is pretty much Sailor Moon. And its the last two episodes if you don't count the two rebooted series that followed it. But it has all been buiding... slowly... to THIS! We're joined by AC Sullivan to dive into the almost-end of this thing that we love! Join us, won't you...

Sailor Business 198 - "Why?" Is the Devil's Question

Apr 26 • 01:13:02
Surprise! We are back, extending the longest fight in Sailor Moon history out exponentially! AND GUESS WHAT? This time, more Sailor Scouts die! Get ready for tear-packed sadness like you have been craving! Thankfully, the always-delightful Betty Felon is back to help make the darkness a little more light. Send us your ways of getting through the bleakness on twitter @Sailo...

Sailor Business 197 - These Are Cousin Bracelets

Mar 21 • 01:36:50
This episode we learn the truth about what happened to Mamo-chan! And we also learn a horrible truth about some people we thought we could trust! No--I mean on the cartoon episode, Chris and Jordan have not beytrayed one another any more than usual. Plus, they are joined by Sailor Business All-Star Betty Felon who actually, you will recall, knows what she is talking about!...

Sailor Business 196 - Oh They're Doing This Again

Feb 28 • 01:31:40
Oh wow--yeah, stuff is really happening now! Like, permanent seeming stuff that is, like... sad? And bad? And has me feeling mad? IT'S REALLY ENDING! OH NO! Thank goodness Allison Stock is here again to make me feel happy! Send us your sad rememberings on twitter @SailorBusiness or through email at! And, as always--thanks for supporting the ...

Sailor Business 195 - All Joking the Same Joke

Feb 7 • 01:24:31
We're getting really close to the end now, and that means we're starting to... get answers? Well, a little bit, anyway... and we're back with probably our favorite guest of the entire series (no offense to the other guests, but we didn't make anyone else a business partner, did we?)... Allison Stock! Send us your letters missing Mamo on twitter @SailorBusiness or through e...

Sailor Business 194 - THE SAILOR WARS

Jan 18 • 01:51:08
OK, look. We are back with an episode that should have been out a little while ago, if by a little while I mean a long time. But don't worry about that--we're back and THINGS ARE GETTING SERIOUS. The Sailor Stars are heading quickly to their finale... and things happen wuickly now. Thankfully, our pal Sam Betancur is back to help us work through it all! Send us your angry ...

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