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Welcome to the SaaSBOOMi podcast! It’s a great pleasure to have you tuned in, and I am really thrilled to be the host of this podcast. SaaSBOOMi is today among the world’s fastest-growing and the most valuable communities of SaaS companies, with around 700 companies. Indian SaaS companies have aRead more

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Landing and expanding at enterprises to drive digital adoption with Khadim Batti of Whatfix

Nov 30 • 48:38

Did you know that large enterprises are using 900+ software applications, and spending $100M+ on it?...

Experiments-led Business Building with Laxman Papineni of Outplay

Nov 18 • 45:58
Welcome to the second episode of BTS Podcast - Experiments-led Business Building

In this episode we have Laxman Papineni - CEO & Co-founder, Outplay joining as guest.
SaaSBOOMi BTS podcast is hosted by Arvind Parthiban (Co-founder & CEO, and Varun Shoor (Founder, Kayako).

Here's what you'll learn from this episode.

- What's the secret ingredient to making half ...

Signing into 35,000 companies with Sunil Patro of SignEasy

Oct 13 • 47:20
SignEasy helps companies to sign, send and manage all sorts of documents and is being used by over 8 Million users (out of which 150K are paying customers) and 35,000 Companies spread across 100 Countries.

Millions of users and downloads is quite usual in game apps and other consumer apps. Listen to Sign Easy’s story of millions of users and downloads as a B2B app, how they...

The art of event marketing with Arun Pattabhiraman and Noel Wax

Sep 16 • 01:00:37
In this episode we have Arun Pattabhiraman - Chief Growth Officer, Freshworks and Noel Wax - President and Co-founder, GroundSwell Group joining as guests.

Tune in to this episode to learn more on physical to virtual to hybrid events - how to drive registrations for a live event amidst the digital fatigue, how to leverage not just your marketing team but the other critical...

The journey of Vymo with Yamini Bhat

Aug 6 • 01:11:23

Vymo is one of the first enterprise SaaS companies in India with a different sales and marketing motion compared to typical horizontal SMB SaaS....

What makes Hasura the next big thing in Indian SaaS

Dec 16 • 40:16

It’s refreshing to track a new breed of India SaaS companies focused on building tools for software developers and programmers globally. While BrowserStack is on track to achieve $100 million ARR soon, there’s Postman, and then, there’s Hasura....

Ankit Oberoi’s journey from $1m ARR to $10m and beyond

Dec 2 • 51:22

Sometime during the year 2017, Ankit Oberoi, the founder of AdPushup, was staring at a potential failure. With $1 million in ARR after a journey of three years since he started, Ankit was struggling to find the growth levers for AdPushup, which had a 25-members team back then. ...

Ketan Kapoor of Mettl on connecting the dots looking backwards

Nov 18 • 43:06

Hindsight isn’t just a luxury, as many believe. For founders, hindsight or the ability to look back at the events and learn from them with blunt honesty, is priceless. Just ask the second-time founders such as Ketan Kapoor, the co-founder of Mettl, who sold his startup to Mercer after a long, slow burn. Mettl is a SaaS platform for online assessment. ...

Mission Coimbatore: Two SaaS founders want “Kovai” to be the next SaaS hub

Nov 4 • 42:07

What’s the first thought that gets triggered when you hear a mention of Coimbatore? For me, it’s always been the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. Much before startups became a cool word to go around, Coimbatore’s entrepreneurs have been busy creating enterprises, failing, learning and growing. It’s called “the Manchester of South India” for a solid reason. ...

Inside Innovaccer’s journey to $100 million ARR; bold pivots and relentless learning

Oct 21 • 44:23

Abhinav Shashank pitched a 400-pages report as a trainee inside a Fortune 500 company and managed to get $20 million funding for the same, much before he actually became an entrepreneur. After getting his idea approved, Abhinav worked on building the product in Bangalore, scoped out manufacturing in Shanghai apart from spending time in Dallas, U.S., giving him an overall e...

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