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Putting EVIDENCE back into Running Injury & Performance. Podcast for therapists, runners and coaches looking for evidence based strategies to treat running injury, reduce injury risk and improve running performance. RCL Podcast is recorded LIVE on thenRead more

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Paul Ingraham: Muscle Knots and Trigger Points - Run Chat Live #52

Oct 9 • 01:11:36

Visit a massage therapist and chances are you will be told you have muscle knots and maybe even 'Trigger Points'. Much of the therapist's work will strive to 'undo' these knots, maybe using 'Trigger Point Therapy'. But how much evidence is there that these knots are responsible for pain. What effect does 'releasing' them have? As runners, can we benefit from such 'release'?...

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Alice Sanvito: Massage Therapy - How to be Evidence Based

Sep 19 • 01:11:03

Despite the popularity of massage, many of the common assumptions of what is happening physiologically are poorly evidenced. In this episode of Runchatlive, internationally acclaimed massage therapist Alice Sanvito talks to us about what massage does & doesn’t do for runners, and how therapists can make it work better.

We also discuss both therapists and runners can learn &...

Dr. Guillaume Millet: Ultra Trail Running - How To train to reduce fatigue

Sep 14 • 01:28:20

In the previous episode of Runchatlive, we had the honor of talking with Dr. Benno Nigg - founder, creator & director of the Human Performance Laboratory, University of Calgary, a multi-disciplinary research center with approximately 200 researchers & assistants working in every aspect of the understanding of movement and exercise.

In Episode 50, we are delighted to bring y...

Dr. Benno Nigg: Running Shoes - 40 years of research

Sep 4 • 01:15:03

Regarded by many as the important contributor to running related research over the past 40 years, Dr. Benno Nigg is Founder & director of the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Calgary, a multi-disciplinary Research Center concentrating on the study of the human body and its locomotion. He has received many awards and recognitions, including the Olympic Orde...

Manuela Besomi: Cómo superar Síndrome de la Banda Iliotibial (Español)

Aug 28 • 01:12:55
El síndrome banda iliotibial (ITBS) es una lesión muy común en corredores. Es la segunda causa principal de dolor de rodilla y la causa más común de dolor lateral de rodilla. Para facilitar el manejo de ITBS basado en la evidencia, se necesita aprender sobre la etiología, el diagnóstico y el tratamiento de esta lesión. A menudo, esto no es tan simple como parece porque los...

Hamish Vickerman: How To Overcome Plantar Fasciitis

Jul 4 • 01:00:27


Returning To Running Post Pregnancy with Emma Brockwell and Grainne Donnelly

Jun 19 • 01:05:05

In Ep.46 of Runchatlive we are delighted to be joined by leading Women's Health Physiotherapists Emma Brockwell and Grainne Donnelly who will be discussing "Guidelines for Returning to Running Post Pregnancy".

Given the importance of this topic, we are excited to announce that Runchatlive episodes wIll now be streamed & recorded LIVE not only at

Nadeah Miranda: Love Gods & Marathons

Jun 6 • 01:24:17

Runchatlive Ep45: Nadeah Miranda 'Love Gods & Marathons'

Exciting curveball in this episode as we bring you with great delight an interview with musician & vocalist extraordinaire Nadeah Miranda.

Nadeah is an Australian singer-songwriter, model, and actress who shot to fame in the early 2000's as cofounder of Brighton based band 'The Lovegods'. The band won Radio 1’s best un...

Dr. Claire Minshull: Strength Training For Runners

May 30 • 01:11:49

Runchatlive Ep44: Claire Minshull 'Strength Training For Runners'

Strength training for runners is a huge topic lately, but frequently filled with myth and misconception. In Runchatlive Ep.44 we have the GREAT pleasure of bringing you Dr. Claire Minshull, a Rehabilitation & Conditioning Specialist who has worked in sports medicine and health for 20+ years as a Senior Lectur...

Matt Fitzgerald: Running The Dream - How To Train Like An Elite

May 22 • 01:06:01

Runchatlive Ep43: Matt Fitzgerald 'Running The Dream'...

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