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Rules of the Rebellion


The world has turned upside down. Evil is called righteousness. Love is called hate. Self mastery and accountability are called privilege. And for those of us that are actively engaged in making our lives better,we’re considered crazy. Misguided. Rebels even. Which means if you want a successfulRead more

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Our Recap of Lions Den Live

May 24 • 49:27
On the weekend of May 21-22, Amie Prescott and I attended the Lions Den Live event in Draper, UT.

It was 2 days of powerful messages, amazing speakers and growth for my spouse and I.

On this episode, I invited Amie to discuss with me our takeaways and the plans we've implemented to take what you learned and put it into practice.


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A New Way to Look at Self Sabotage

Apr 2 • 30:25
The behaviors that we have on a day to day basis do either one of two things.

They bring us closer to our intended goals OR takes us away.

The actions that take us away from our intended results are self sabotage at it's simplest clip.

But consider this different perspective about self sabotage.


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"No Impressionists" with TJ Taylor

Mar 23 • 01:05:13
I invited another one of my comedy friends on to Rebellion, the Host and creator of the Black Hilarity Show during Black History Month.

Not only is TJ a hilarious human being, he's committed to the same tenets we are as Rebels.

Enjoy this fun chat (NSFW) as we discuss comedy, success, life and what it takes to achieve.

Oh, and follow him at @tjisfunny on IG!

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Getting Out of Your Own Way

Mar 16 • 30:21
LIfe is hard. LIfe is easy.

The difference between those two statements is your own contextual perspective.

In this episode, I take aim at your own responsibility to ask yourself "What do I want?" and then pay attention to what you feel as you struggle to define it.

Using the "Story of the Thorn" I also show you have great life can be if you're open to it.

Let's discuss.


Game Day Mentality

Mar 9 • 48:12
EVERY. SINGLE. DAY we have a chance to turn your day to day into a game. "Game-ifying" your life is a great benefit that allows you to embody a mindset that can change your life.

This last week was a great week for my comedy career. 6 shows in 3 days gave me an accelerated education that led me to having more confidence than every as a comedian.

And the lessons I learned t...

"In Conclusion, I have No Idea" with Rodney Norman

Feb 26 • 01:35:59
My friend, fellow comic and TikTok super-sensation Rodney Norman joined me in studio for this episode of Rules of a the Rebellion,

Rodney and his hilarious comedic characters have put him on the social media map, so much so that it’s translating into real word notoriety. We discuss the crazy phenomenon of going viral, what’s funny and what’s not and where the inspiration ca...

Trapped In Texas

Feb 23 • 29:36
I got stuck in Texas during the Texas Storm of 2021.

And it exposed a weakness I didn't know I had.

You have this same weakness and it's literally LIFE OR DEATH that you figure it out.

Listen in.

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Don't Be a LOSER

Feb 9 • 23:50
On the tail end of Tom Brady and his 7th Super Bowl win, we have an opportunity to dive into winning vs. losing.

What is the mentality of a winner?
A loser?

What can we do to change our mindset if we find ourselves being losers?

Let's discuss it. You don't have to lose. Don't Be A LOSER.

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Change Locations

Feb 2 • 17:09
In this episode I discuss the challenge of being in a rut.

Stuck. Feeling that you're moving slowing. No momentum.

So, how to you change this? What's the solution?

Listen for the answer!

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A Conversation with Arvin Mitchell

Jan 26 • 01:25:59
As promised, I am retiring to periodically have interviews with other rebels. Today, I am honored to bring you Arvin Mitchell, a veteran stand-up comedian, actor, writer and current cast member of Studio C.

We touch on the need to be a great person as well as great at your craft. Arvin shares so crazy stories about lessons he learned as a young man, a young comic and newly...

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