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Joe Biden may seal his fate in the first 100 days, when his mandate is strongest, and he makes the early decisions that will shape our country’s future. In season two of Rubicon, Crooked Media’s Editor in Chief Brian Beutler will chronicle the dawn of the Biden era and assess the administration’sRead more

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The Sum of It All

Apr 30 • 01:00:51

In our final episode, Brian Beutler and author Heather McGhee look back at the highs and lows of President Biden’s first 100 days, and ahead to the path he’ll have to carve if he wants to overcome the politics of white grievance to implement a transformational agenda for a multiethnic democracy....

A Supreme Threat to Biden's Agenda

Apr 23 • 49:30

This week on Rubicon, Brian Beutler talks to legal scholar Leah Litman about why Democrats and Republicans viewed the fight over the courts so differently for so long, whether Biden's judicial nominees signal an end to that disparity, and what he and Democrats in Congress can do to protect his agenda from right-wing justices....

Bessemer and the Bigger Picture

Apr 16 • 47:58

This week on Rubicon, Brian Beutler talks to civil rights icon Rev. Dr. William Barber about efforts to unionize Amazon workers, how that fight continues, and what a Democratic majority in Congress can do to strengthen labor rights for working people of all races....

Rejoining The World

Apr 9 • 45:55

This week on Rubicon, Brian Beutler talks to Crooked Media's own Tommy Vietor about the challenges President Biden will face fixing the damage Trump did around the world, and how he can unite global leaders on a series of climate goals. They also discuss Biden's first major foreign policy steps, like ordering airstrikes in Syria, trying to salvage the Iran Nuclear deal, an...

Protecting Democracy

Apr 2 • 45:26

This week on Rubicon, Brian Beutler talks to FiveThirtyEight senior writer Perry Bacon about the wave of voter suppression laws that are hitting states like Georgia - and what President Biden and the Department of Justice can do about it. They also talk about the biggest threats to HR1 and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act - looking beyond the filibuster to other ways Repub...

The Roaring 20s

Mar 26 • 45:15

This week on Rubicon, Brian Beutler talks to The Roosevelt Institute’s Mike Konczal about President Biden’s coming $3 trillion economic reform package, which would fund infrastructure, green jobs, child and elder care, and community college. They talk about the bill’s chances of passing Congress, whether it warrants comparisons to FDR’s New Deal, and whether and how it wou...

Death by Papercuts

Mar 19 • 45:40

This week on Rubicon, Brian Beutler and Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) discuss the child-migrant crisis and the ways it complicates efforts to pass immigration reform. They also explore why Democrats shouldn’t freak out over Donald Trump’s performance with Latino voters, why some of his Latino voters already regret their votes, and how Democrats can combat the scourge of disinf...

98% Great

Mar 12 • 45:06

This week on Rubicon, Brian Beutler talks to Senator Brian Schatz about the passage of the American Rescue Plan, the provisions in it that address poverty and healthcare, and whether its passage will be the high-water mark of the Biden era, or just the beginning....

Classroom Conflict

Mar 5 • 38:28

This week on Rubicon, host Brian Beutler and education reporter Rachel Cohen discuss the origins of the contentious debate over school reopening, and how President Biden has navigated it. They then look ahead to how the looming COVID-relief bill will help modernize schools and whether those investments will allow students to resume normal, in-person education in the fall. ...

A Promise Is A Promise

Feb 26 • 52:47

This week on Rubicon, host Brian Beutler talks to writer Matthew Yglesias about President Biden's pledge to forgive student loan debt, the debate over how much debt should be forgiven, what authority Biden has to do it -- and the political and economic risks and benefits. Beutler and Yglesias take different sides on the importance of loan forgiveness - and debate whether B...

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