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Routines & Ruts with Madeleine Dore is about the days we find flow, and the days we go completely off track.

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On moving out of the indecision spiral

Dec 6 • 19:31

This week's quandary is  about how to make a decision when you're caught in a yes/no spiral. Madeleine unpacks the standstill of indecision, how to handle the regret we can feel, and mixes many metaphors!

Explored in this episode:...

On overcoming the hesitation behind asking "how"

Nov 29 • 20:16

This week's quandary is several in one: how to know if something is good enough, how to determine your life purpose, and how to know where to start. Madeleine unpacks the hesitation behind asking how, so you can overcome it and step into the moment in front of you.  

Explored in this episode:...

Season 3: Introducing productivity-guilt therapy(ish)

Nov 21 • 10:39

It's been a minute! To introduce season three, host Madeleine Dore reflects on disappearing for a while to write her first book, I Didn't Do The Thing Today....

Wrap episode: Lessons on wobbling and modulating

Dec 31 • 23:57

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You can also stay in the loop by signing up to the free Extraordinary Routines newsletter, or follow along at @extraordinary_routines on Instagram....

R&R mini: On the beauty in the break

Dec 5 • 09:44

The final episode for season three asks, how do we find the beauty in the break and determine our preference for rest? 


Annie Raser Rowland on frugal hedonism and living more creatively with less

Nov 30 • 55:13

“Frugal hedonism is partly about noticing when less is more, and that applies to activity just as much as in the realm of consumption.” – Annie Raser Rowland...

R&R mini: On 'puddle theory' and how to do things you're putting off

Nov 27 • 11:06

In this mini episode, Madeleine shares her trusted "puddle theory" from the DIY workbook, TIME, SPACE & QUIET.

Download the puddle priority list and the DIY workbook at and make time, space and quiet for the things you're putting off. ...

Hilary Jacobs Hendel on emotions, types of shame, and slowing down

Nov 22 • 59:27

 “Ultimately the goal is to communicate our wants, needs, fears and boundaries confidently and effectively.” – Hilary Jacobs Hendel

Psychotherapist and author of It's Not Always Depression: Working the change triangle to listen to the body, Discover Core Emotions and Reconnect with Your Authentic Self  talks about the importance of emotional education to help us connect to ...

R&R mini: On ruminating and worrying about what people think

Nov 22 • 06:43

This week's mini episode asks, how do we spend less time ruminating and worrying about what other think?...

Greg Quicke on the life lessons we find in the cosmos

Nov 15 • 57:32

 “Often we think within our 10-foot radius that everything is happening to us. Step outside of that 10-foot radius and you’ll frequently see that the same things are happening to others around you at the same time. Perhaps that can make it easier if we’re able to see that it is not just all about us.” – Greg Quicke...

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