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Megan Black explores different concepts, situations, and educational material that pertains to living everyday life as a modern witch. She started out Wiccan many years ago and now follows the path of a Celtic Polytheist and eclectic witch. Join her in the conversation regarding witchcraftRead more

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Episode 113: Spirit Encounters and Thoughts on Ghost Hunting Shows

Oct 31 • 33:14

Happy Halloween! And a very Blessed Samhain to everyone that celebrates! I wanted to take time to talk about some of my personal spirit encounters, my thoughts on "ghost hunting" shows, and a couple of supposedly haunted places that I've either been to or want to go to....

Episode 112: Pitfalls and Considerations of Spiritual Business

Sep 30 • 40:37

I’ll talk about my own experience with making spiritual content and having a quote-unquote “Spiritual Business” in a few minutes. First, we have to answer the question: What is a spiritual business?...

Episode 111: Acts of Service as Devotional Offerings

Aug 31 • 39:56

What is a modern sacrifice? A modern offering to the Gods? A modern act of devotion can look different for every practitioner and God alike, but even then it's different for every spirit....

Episode 110: A Dabbler's Guide to Witchcraft || An Interview with Fire Lyte

Aug 28 • 55:00

Fire Lyte is the author of a brand new book, The Dabbler's Guide to Witchcraft, and a long-time podcaster and host of the show Inciting a Riot. I had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with him about the inspiration behind his new book, the importance of intersectional science in magical spaces, and even mention of that time the Internet erupted over a piece of mala...

Episode 109: Sun Among Stars || Interview with Mael Brigde || Brigid Devotee, Author, and Teacher

Aug 14 • 49:54

Sun Among Stars is a wonderfully written devotional to Brigid written by Mael Brigde. It isn't out just yet, but I had the pleasure of speaking with Mael about her book and Brigid in her life. This week, listen to our chat about the inspiration behind Mael's book, how she came to know Brigid, and some of her most beloved stories of Brighid, both Goddess and Saint.  ...

Episode 108: Gatekeeping and Cancel Culture in Occult Spaces

Jul 31 • 27:05

So, gatekeeping and cancel culture...two heavy topics that are talked about in the wider occult community fairly often. As with most broad topics like this, I’m mainly going to focus on witchcraft and polytheism because that’s what I have experience with. However, these topics can generally be applied to almost any other community even outside the occult. I also need you t...

Episode 107: Wintering with Katherine May || Slowing Down for Darker Times

Jul 17 • 39:37

This concept of wintering was introduced to me through Katherine's book. Having thoroughly enjoyed it myself, I thought it would be wonderful to bring it to you, as well! Although not specifically witchy or polytheistic, I feel like we can all benefit from wintering every now and then....

Episode 106: Between the Veils || Pagan Non-Profit and Inclusive Community Space

Jul 3 • 33:21

I am so excited to bring this interview to you today! I had the pleasure of speaking with Jonathan and Shahmaran, two board members of a new magical non-profit organization.   ...

Episode 105: Occult Communities || Purpose and Red Flags

Jun 30 • 45:00

As patrons have requested, this month I explored the need for occult community, some different reasons why community is important, and some red flags to watch for. Communities are an integral part of growing our practices whether we realize it or not. When we're part of a community, we are shown new perspectives, we learn new things, and we even make friends....

Episode 104: American Brujeria with J. Allen Cross

Jun 5 • 49:40

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with J. Allen Cross, author of a brand new book titled American Brujeria: Modern Mexican American Folk Magic. Today, we talked about his book, the inspiration behind it, who it's for and who can benefit from it, and a few things in between!...

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