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Conversations from, to, and about the Iranian diaspora. Roqe is hosted by Jian Ghomeshi.

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Roqe - Ep #158 - Erfan Nouraee

Dec 7 • 01:45:06
A feature interview with Iranian-Canadian teenage genius, Erfan Nouraee, an award-winning quantum physics inventor.
Erfan joins Jian in the Roqe Studio to discuss his journey from curious young scientist in Iran, to creating landmark inventions, his move to Canada three years ago, and winning the Bronze Medal in the United Nations World Best Inventor and Innovator category...

CHOI Part 9 - The Rise Of Opium Rudi Matthee

Dec 3 • 48:20
“The Rise of Opium” - Part 9 of the new Roqe Media series, The Contemporary History of Iran. How is it that opium became an extremely popular substance for the citizens of Iran in the Qajar era, and reached a zenith in consumption and production in the early 20th Century? Was opium use always a negative? And when did it shift from a medicinal product that was eaten, to a r...

Roqe - Ep #157 - DJ Aras

Nov 30 • 01:54:12
“A feature interview with Iranian-Canadian performer and promoter, Aras, Canada’s first “Persian Celebrity DJ.” Aras joins Jian in the Roqe Studio for a very frank conversation about his journey to popular performer, the challenges of trying to run an entertainment business in the Persian community, his struggles with depression and anxiety, and his recent desire to get r...

The Contemporary History of Iran - Part 8: “The Shiraz Festival Complexities”

Nov 25 • 58:22
“The Shiraz Festival Complexities” - Part 8 of the new Roqe Media series, The Contemporary History of Iran. How did an annual international summer arts festival, the Shiraz Festival of Arts, celebrated for its innovation and unprecedented mix of progressive programming, part of a series of groundbreaking Pahlavi-led initiatives for culture in Iran, also become a lightning ...

Roqe - Ep #156 - Behnaz Sarafpour

Nov 23 • 01:33:02
A feature interview with acclaimed Iranian-American fashion designer, Behnaz Sarafpour. Behnaz joins Jian from New York City to talk about growing up in Iran, moving to the USA and attending the Parsons School, launching her own brand in 2001, winning the National Design Award (handed to her by Michelle Obama at the White House) in 2013, Angelina Jolie and others handpicki...

The Contemporary History of Iran - Part 7: "Siahkal and the Failure of the Left"

Nov 19 • 45:47
“Siahkal and the Failure of the Left” - Part 7 of the new Roqe Media series, The Contemporary History of Iran. Why was the unsuccessful 1971 Marxist guerrilla action in the small northern town of Siahkal such a pivotal event that still gets named as a proud symbol of leftist resistance in Iran? And how do we explain the notable failure of the left in Iran to attain any sem...

Roqe - Ep #155 - Sepehr Haddad

Nov 16 • 01:34:13
A feature interview with Iranian-American recording artist and author, Sepehr Haddad. Sepehr joins Jian from Maryland, USA, to discuss his musical group, Shahin and Sepehr, and his new novel, “A Hundred Sweet Promises,” that incorporates history, culture, and international romance, not to mention significant Iranians from his own lineage. Plus the Roqe Team debates the mer...

The Contemporary History of Iran - Part 6: "The Story of Kayhan"

Nov 12 • 01:20:14
“The Story of Kayhan” - Part 6 of the new Roqe Media series, The Contemporary History of Iran. How did an Iranian daily newspaper that was, at its peak, the most influential media voice in the Middle East, come to be? How much impact did Kayhan have by the 1960s and 70s? How did it navigate editorial autonomy whilst being funded by the Shah? And how did a newspaper that ha...

Roqe - Ep #154 - Yasmine Naghdi

Nov 9 • 01:21:12
A feature interview with superstar British dancer, Yasmine Naghdi, Principal Ballerina of the The Royal Ballet. Yasmine joins Jian from London to discuss her identity, her upbringing, her discipline, and her journey to becoming the first Persian ballerina - and only one of Middle-Eastern background - to be a member of the storied Royal Ballet company. Plus the Roqe Team c...

The Contemporary History of Iran - Part 5: "The Creation Of Kanoon"

Nov 4 • 52:16
“The Creation of Kanoon” - Part 5 of the new Roqe Media series, The Contemporary History of Iran. What exactly was Kanoon? What is it today? And how did one of the most progressive systems for the cultural education and creativity of kids and teens - anywhere in the world - begin in Iran? The founder and Managing Director, from 1965-1979, of the Institute for Intellectual ...

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