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Actual play audio drama podcast that adapts your favorite stories to TTRPGs. Vol. 1: In the Blood parodies HADES and plays it as a 5e D&D game.

Popular episodes

In the Blood Ep. 19 - Tisiphone, the Fury

Nov 26 • 42:00

Alexander makes a decision....

In the Blood Ep. 18 - The Champion

Nov 12 • 51:04

The party makes

FEED DROP: The Land Whale Murders

Nov 5 • 27:10

The Land Whale Murders is a madcap comedy podcast following the adventures of gallant scientists as they battle evil in Gilded Age New York! The show is in the spirit of Mel Brooks and Monty Python; a true delight for history nerds, science geeks, and anyone who ever wanted to stand up for what was right even if they were very bad at doing it. It’s an unserious show about ...

In the Blood Ep. 17 - Chione, the Frozen Heart

Oct 29 • 01:06:37

The party gets a chilly reception....

In the Blood Ep. 16 - Dancing with the Gods

Oct 15 • 51:35

The party...parties for Dionysus. ...

In the Blood Ep. 15 - The Atelier of Hephaestus

Oct 1 • 59:19

In the Season 2 premiere, hell has frozen over....

In the Blood Ep. 14 - Titanomachia

Jul 23 • 36:50

There's something In the Blood. ...

In the Blood Ep. 13 - Friends unto Foes

Jul 16 • 01:00:42

Tartarus puts alliances to the test....

In the Blood Ep. 12 - Riddle of the Winds

Jul 9 • 01:08:26

Arete has a gift....

In the Blood Ep. 11 - Winter

Jul 2 • 01:46:32

Annie faces the music....

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