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Dr Alice Evans and leading experts discuss growth, governance, & gender inequalities. Alice is a Lecturer at King's College London, and Faculty Associate at the Harvard Kennedy School.

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What's Spain's Feminist Secret?

Apr 6 • 07:27

Is xenophobia fuelling female empowerment in the Gulf?

Apr 1 • 06:18

How did East Asia overtake South Asia in gender equality?

Mar 10 • 33:09
Circa 1900, women in East Asia and South Asia were equally oppressed and unfree. But over the course of the 20th century, gender equality in East Asia advanced far ahead of South Asia. What accounts for this divergence?

The first-order difference between East and South Asia is economic development. East Asian women left the countryside in droves to meet the huge demand for ...

Will the BJP save Muslim women?

Jan 31 • 11:44
Indian Muslims have always been free to apply their own personal laws - concerning marriage, divorce and inheritance. Congress upheld legal pluralism, so as not to aggravate the minority. Modi has no such reservations. He is pursuing a Uniform Civil Code, and presents this as a victory for Muslim women. He's probably right. A UCC would improve gender equality - if women ca...

Did Irrigation Entrench the Patriarchy?

Jan 4 • 13:31
In a fascinating new paper, Per Fredriksson and Satyendra Gupta find that areas with low irrigation potential have higher female labour force participation and female property rights.

Elsewhere, men cooperated between close kin, battled against outsiders for control over valuable irrigation, captured the gains of greater productivity, developed tight bonds of kinship, whil...

Why Do Gender Inequalities Persist? The Importance of Beliefs!

Jan 1 • 08:14

What Thwarts Feminist Activism in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia?

Dec 31 • 18:24
Across the world, women have agitated for greater rights, freedoms, and protections, but with differing degrees of success. In some countries, feminist activists have mobilised widespread dissent, secured legal reforms, and pressed for enforcement. Elsewhere, they have been marginalised and maligned. What explains this international heterogeneity?

Women are much more likel...

Why is Feminist Activism Thriving in Latin America?

Dec 30 • 19:28
Argentina has just legalised abortion - thanks to relentless feminist activism.

Latin America can now boast rapid social change: with rising female employment, soaring representation (outpacing Europe), protections for domestic workers, and ginormous rallies against sexist violence. This sharply contrasts with entrenched patriarchy in the Middle East, North Africa, and Sou...

Why are North & South India so Different on Gender?

Oct 7 • 49:03
Everyone knows that Southern and Northern India are very different in culture, language, and socio-economic development. But the most dramatic regional disparity may be in gender relations. Why is this?

Is it due to..

Cousin marriage
Conquests and purdah
Labour-intensive cultivation
Ancestral crop yields?

If you would rather read than listen, the blog ...

"The WEIRDest People in The World": Professor Joe Henrich

Sep 4 • 01:03:52
Professor Joe Henrich (Harvard) presents his new book on 'how Westerners became psychologically peculiar and particularly prosperous'.

He suggests that the Western Church eroded kinship in Europe, which enabled a process of cultural evolution, resulting in democratisation, innovation, and economic growth.

I present an alternative hypothesis: through economic development, wag...

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