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Workplace Confessions with Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur magazine: "My boss can’t write a simple email" & "I ghosted a company, and I don’t feel bad"

Jul 22 • 29:05

Today we welcome Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur magazine, to the show to help us make sense of our final two confessions of Season 10! We hope you've enjoyed this season as much as we have....

Workplace Confessions with Dan Shapiro the CEO of Glowforge: "My side hustle turned out to be a lot of work" & "Sometimes, I feel like Bill Lumberg"

Jul 20 • 27:45

Today we welcome Dan Shapiro, the CEO of Glowforge. Perviously he was the CTO of Photobucket, sold Sparkbuy to Google and has launched two of the largest Kickstarter campaigns in history with Glowforge and Robot Turtles....

Workplace Confessions with Amy Hood of Hoodzpah: "I never planned on this" & "Can’t handle the sweatshop"

Jul 13 • 28:41

Workplace Confessions with Lolita Taub: "My friends don’t know I’m an angel investor" & "Career speed bump"

Jul 8 • 27:24

This week we welcome Lolita Taub, the cofounder and general partner at the Community Fund. The Community Fund is a $5 million early-stage fund that invests in community-driven companies through an investment partner team. Lolita helps us sort through todays confessions from someone who is a secret angel investor (and wants to keep it that way) and someone who's career hit ...

Workplace Confessions with Christie Kim of Persona: "We look great to the outside world, but really -- we’re just a mess" & "Sometimes, being a mentor overwhelms me"

Jul 6 • 26:53

This week we welcome Christie Kim, the COO of Persona to the show to help us answer some more burning confessions from listeners. Today we have a confession from someone working at the startup that looks great on the outside, but internally things are a mess. Plus someone who doesn't feel so comfortable being a mentor even though their resume says they have more than enoug...

Workplace Confessions with Hossein Azari, CEO of Cmorq: "Trying to get ahead" & "NFTs?"

Jul 1 • 26:18

Is Crypto the answer to all of your money woes? Probably not. We bringing special guest Hossein Azari to help us answer two more listener questions focused on Crypto currencies and NFTs....

Introducing: Creative Elements

Jun 29 • 01:07:20

After working with creatives for 10+ years, We know that earning a living from your art and creativity can be tough. ...

Workplace Confessions with Lloyed Lobo of Boast.AI: "My friends think I’m a millionaire, but I’m actually struggling" & "I really need to get away from my family"

Jun 22 • 25:03

We welcome Lloyed Lobo, Co-founder & President, of Boast.AI to help us sort through two brand new confessions. Our first is from a founder who's friends think they're doing really well, but they're in fact struggling and not sure how to let everyone know. The second is from someone who can't wait to get back into the office to get some real heads-down time....

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