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Taking you on a nostalgic journey back in time through big-name interviews with the legendary DJs, MCs, producers, promoters and pirates who got you dancing through the rave-era, and who you’ve loved ever since.

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Happy Birthday, Thank You & Goodbye from ROAR x

Jul 23 • 10:28
To you the ROAR Crew, We are proud and humbled to today celebrate ROAR’s first birthday by bidding you farewell, and sending out a MASSIVE thank you for all of your support, in whatever shape that took, since our launch this time last year. ROAR was always meant to be a lockdown project to bring a smile to the faces of ravers while journalistically chronicling the rave sce...

Hospital Records CEO London Elektricity, 3/3 – Weathering a potentially fatal storm

Jul 16 • 01:26:32
HOSPITAL RECORDS co-founder & CEO, LONDON ELEKTRICITY, speaks publicly in an interview for the very first time about allegations of racism that consumed the label in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the Black Lives Matter movement, in this the final part of ROAR’s engrossing marathon three-parter with one of the most influential figures in rave music. The DJ & produce...

Hospital Records CEO London Elektricity, 2/3 – Things Can Only Get Better

Jul 14 • 45:20
HOSPITAL RECORDS co-founder and CEO TONY COLMAN reveals exclusively to ROAR about his decision to step down after a difficult last year, in part 2 of our exclusive mega-interview. Some 12 months after the label was caught in a storm of allegations of racism, Tony AKA DJ and producer LONDON ELEKTRICITY explains he wants to focus on performing and producing as he moves into ...

Hospital Records founder London Elektricity, 1/3 – The Doctor will see you now

Jul 9 • 51:12
ROAR gets typically deep with LONDON ELEKTRICITY, one of the most influential names in the current drum and bass jungle scene, and co-founder of arguably its biggest label HOSPITAL RECORDS. Through his work Hospital, the DJ, producer and event promoter AKA TONY COLMAN has been hailed by some for changing the face of drum and bass and jungle by helping push it to a more mai...

Jumping Jack Frost, 3/3 – Old versus new from the rave legend who’s seen and done it all

Jul 2 • 36:28
Rave originator JUMPING JACK FROST rounds up his three-part interview with ROAR by moving into the modern day and assessing the many positives, and some negatives, of the current drum and bass scene, while comparing the then and now. Praising ANDY C for his huge success which continues to push the music into the mainstream, Frost AKA NIGEL THOMPSON also addresses recent cl...

Jumping Jack Frost, 2/3 – Exploring the human cost of helping drum and bass go global

Jun 30 • 42:55
ROAR gets gritty with JUMPING JACK FROST in the second of our three-part interview as he opens up about the dark times that he and the jungle scene endured and how both have thankfully bounced back…and some! In typically honest fashion, the unashamed former bad-boy from the streets of Brixton AKA NIGEL THOMPSON admits he revelled in the violent times jungle experienced in ...

Jumping Jack Frost – Saved by rave from a life of crime and time

Jun 25 • 47:31
ROAR meets one of the DJs who helped shape the early rave scene in JUMPING JACK FROST for a typically frank chat with this larger-than-life personality. In the first of three parts of this romping journey through his fascinating life, the jungle and drum and bass legend talks about how came from the streets where violence and robbery was a part of life, and was in and out ...

Mistress Mo – Flashback to the old skool with one of ‘90s rave’s leading women

Jun 18 • 01:48:58
This week ROAR meets MISTRESS MO, one of the ‘90s rave scene’s most prominent females, for a fascinating dive into the old skool. The DJ and promoter AKA MO JONES discusses how she went from a teenage raver who’d just learned to drive and would spend every weekend haring around the country attending often “dodgy” free parties, to one of the UK’s leading events organisers. ...

Mampi Swift, 3/3 – Swift goes on the Charge as he addresses claims of DnB ‘racism’

Jun 11 • 54:15
MAMPI SWIFT concludes his frankest interview ever, by speaking to ROAR regarding the commercialisation of the drum and bass and jungle scene, which has led to allegations of ‘racism’ and ‘whitewashing’ and seen industry leaders forced to do plenty of soul-searching over the past few years. Pointing to the lack of diversity in modern DnB crowds, and increasingly behind the ...

Mampi Swift, 2/3 – Double-dropping, making a 59-minute masterpiece & hating his DJ name

Jun 8 • 01:15:24
In part 2 of MAMPI SWIFT’s most in-depth interview of all time, the double-drop master talks to ROAR about his infamous DJing skills and techniques which saw a rivalry develop with drum and bass colossus, ANDY C, whose success Swift reckons he could have replicated had he made better decisions at key times. Swift – AKA PHIL ANIM – explains how he honed his turntablism as a...

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