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On our podcast, we have real conversations about life as mothers, wives, career women, friends, daughters you name it. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable and we invite you to be vulnerable with us. The goal is to share our journey with you as we navigate the everyday ups and downs of thisRead more

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A Deep Dive into Generational Trauma

Mar 20 • 47:51

In this episode, we converse with Tabitha Mpamira about generational trauma and finding the courage to interrupt the cycle of silence, abuse and toxicity passed down from generation to generation. Our conversation is based on her powerful TedX talk "Trauma not transformed is Trauma Transferred". Tabitha is a mental health therapist, activist, motivational speaker, and cons...

Boundaries: Take control of your life!

Jan 14 • 25:55

Do you find that people take advantage of you? Are you constantly "saving" people or fixing their problems? How do you separate your feelings from another's feelings? Most of us find it difficult to set healthy boundaries consistently yet boundaries are critical to healthy relationships. In this episode, we discuss what healthy boundaries are and why they are important. Re...

Looking back

Dec 17 • 25:58

What is the most difficult realization you made when you became an adult and more aware of the world that changed how you viewed life? How did you deal with that realization? How did it change you? In this episode we delve into those things that no one told you about or if they did, you didn't get it until you experienced it. And how those experiences change you and your r...

How are you doing, really?

Nov 25 • 15:16

With all the stuff going on around us, it can feel like it's just too much. In this episode, we check in with each other and with our listeners and ask the question, "how are you doing, really"? As women, it's our nature to get into survival mode during periods of crisis and to focus on the wellbeing of others. We unintentionally neglect ourselves until it's almost too lat...

You are not your diagnosis!

Nov 12 • 28:38

In this episode, we get personal and share our experiences of living with autoimmune conditions. It's not been an easy journey to say the least. We share the lessons learnt and wisdom gained along the way. Autoimmune conditions may be lifelong experiences but they are not life sentences. They do not define who you are! Understanding your condition and how it affects you wi...

Friendships Part 2

Oct 29 • 40:33

"Find a group of people who will challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them and it will change your life." - Amy Poehler. Do you have a tribe? In this podcast, we discuss the concept of group friendships as we reflect on the dynamics of our own tribe and why it is important for us to be a part of it. We also discuss male female friendships. Can you have a str...

Friendships Part 1

Oct 12 • 52:13

"Friendship isn't a big thing, it's a million little things." Paulo Coelho. In this podcast episode, we chat about our friendship and what friendships mean to us. We know that the basis of a good friendship is loyalty, respect, trust and being present but what does it REALLY mean to be a good friend? We discuss the concept of "BFF" and whether it's necessary to categorize ...

Living in the new normal

Sep 30 • 30:45

In this inaugural episode, we discuss the new normal of living with COVID including the anxiety of sending our kids back to school. Parents everywhere dread the day their children leave the nest and step into the world to start living their lives independently. Ro talks about the emotional experience of letting her oldest child leave the nest to start a new chapter in her ...


Sep 29 • 00:43

Wondering what our podcast is about? Well, here is the trailer! We'll be having real conversations about life as we know it and as we experience it every single day as multifaceted women. Life is a wondrous, beautiful thing, but sometimes it's hard to see its beauty. And that is ok. But let's talk about it! We want this to be a space where we can be vulnerable with each ot...

Get to know Ro and Sandy!

Sep 24 • 03:27

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