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Risen Motherhood

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A podcast for moms. Join us as we explore how the ancient scriptures apply to modern motherhood and provide the framework for finding answers to your specific questions. As part of the greater Risen Motherhood ministry, in-depth, topical mini-series are released periodically.

Popular episodes

Social Media 06: What Was I Supposed To Be Doing Right Now?

Nov 17 • 31:12

The dishes pile up. The kids run circles around the house. The to-do list is a mile long. Motherhood is full, but too often, we fill our time hunching over our phones, giving our best self to social media instead of looking up at the work in front of us. When we don’t know where to begin, social media feels like a welcome distraction. But when our days are consumed by soci...

Social Media Bonus: 4 Great Ways to Use Social Media

Nov 12 • 04:03

It’s easy to pick on social media, but for all of its challenges, we also believe it can be used for good. In this special bonus episode, Emily and Laura provide four quick ways we can use social media redemptively. When we use our social platforms to obviously or subtly point to Christ, we provide an opportunity for someone to encounter the beauty of the gospel while they...

Social Media 05: Should I Post this Picture of My Kid?

Nov 10 • 33:45

As proud moms, most of us can’t resist sharenting. (Yep, that term is real! If you haven’t heard it before: it just means sharing pictures of our kids online.) Whether we have a small, private account for friends and family or share lifestyle content for thousands of eyes to see, let’s at least ask the question—why are we posting this? What are the rewards? What are the ri...

Social Media 04: Influencers Change the World

Nov 3 • 43:02

This mini-series is brought to you in part by Crossway, publisher of Bread of...

Social Media 03: Please Like Me

Oct 27 • 34:35

Let’s get real: we all want to be liked. No matter where we are on the social media spectrum, from a professional content creator on Instagram to an occasional poster for the sake of the grandparents, God’s principles for the way we share content remain the same. In this episode, Emily and Laura walk through questions to consider as we seek to honor God in the things we po...

Social Media 02: When It Makes You Mad

Oct 20 • 30:20

We’ve all been there. We’re innocently scrolling through social media and then we feel a tinge of guilt, anger, or sadness. We get on social media to relax or escape from the world, and find ourselves feeling worse than ever. Cancel culture. Shame. Outrage. Judgement. Where does this all come from? How do we deal with it? In this episode of the podcast, Emily and Laura tal...

Social Media 01: Wake Up

Oct 13 • 33:04

Whether we recognize it or not, social media is changing us. It changes how we interact with people. It even changes our motherhood—what we buy, what strategies we use, and where we go for hope and help. In the first episode of our social media mini-series, Laura and Emily invite us to wake-up to the impact of social media on our lives. If we want to know how to swim in th...

Prayer Bonus | 8 Tips for Building a Habit of Prayer

Sep 17 • 06:51

_Surprise! We have an extra show for you! Don’t worry, you didn’t get the day wrong. It’s not a Wednesday, but we loved talking about prayer so we just kept going. Maybe you’re left wondering “how do I actually get started with prayer?” Or you’ve started the habit countless times before, but always end up fizzling out. Emily jumped back behind the microphone to share 8 qui...

Prayer 05: When You Don't Want to Pray

Sep 15 • 33:39

What do you do when you don’t feel like praying? Like the disciples in the garden with Jesus, you want to do the right thing, but you just can’t stay awake. Or you have the invite to the prayer meeting, but you would rather stay home to watch TV. In the final episode of the Prayer mini-series, Laura and Emily talk about the elephant in the room—sometimes we just don’t want...

Prayer 04: Wisdom From Ruth Chou Simons

Sep 8 • 27:49

We believe prayer is important—even necessary—but where do we even begin? Listen in as Laura chats with a seasoned mom of six boys (yes, six!). You may know Ruth Chou Simons as the founder of Gracelaced and from her award-winning books. But we’re also thankful for her as one of the Risen Motherhood Board Members, so we’re excited to share her motherhood wisdom with you tod...

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