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Rise Regardless


Rise Regardless is a podcast featuring the trials and triumphs of resilient individuals. Much too often do we hear elaborate success stories without any mention of the formidable struggles that have undoubtedly accompanied them. In the exceptional cases where we do learn of the struggles, they areRead more

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9: 2008 Recession & COVID Pandemic Parallels | Stephanie Ostler

May 14 • 33:11

There are obstacles intrinsic to being an entrepreneur scaling your business amidst a global recession, and there are obstacles inherent to running a sustainable fashion business — in particular, you want your customers to buy less, to consume less, but that also means less revenues for you....

8: Righting the Wrongs of Fast Fashion | Selina Ho

Apr 15 • 21:52

Would you buy a t-shirt for $10? Would you still buy it if you knew that over 1,000 people were killed in the process? In 2013, Bangladesh's Rana Plaza collapse accentuated the dire working conditions of labourers (read: victims) of the fast fashion industry to the global community....

7: Pursuing Purpose Over Paycheck | Farnoosh Brock

Oct 22 • 35:35

Selling is draining. Selling is egocentric. Selling is manipulative. Many people have these negative associations with selling, and yet, they feel that it’s nonetheless an integral component to being successful, whether it is advancing themselves in their career or growing their business. But what if you didn’t need to sell to achieve your version of success?...

5: Beyond the Bamboo Ceiling | Jerry Lee

Jul 15 • 40:37

We’ve all heard of glass ceilings before, but do you know about bamboo ceilings? The term “bamboo ceiling”, like “glass ceiling”, addresses underrepresentation in leadership roles, but as opposed to highlighting women, it accentuates Asians in the Western workforce. Given stereotypes of being intelligent, hard working, and humble, Asians are often dubbed the “model minorit...

4: So You Think You're Just a Student? Think Again. | Blessing Adogame, Michael Amoako, Sevri Sovian

Jun 26 • 30:01
Students, how do you define your own path? How do you differentiate yourself? How do you create impact and effect change when you’re only just a student? 
In this episode with special guests, Blessing Adogame, Michael Amoako, and Sevri Sovian, we answer all these questions and more. The reality is that “being just a student” is a social construct and mindset that constrains...

3: All You Need is One Shot | Tim Salau

Jun 3 • 27:11

"Thank you, again, for your interest in our company. We encourage you to apply for future openings for which you qualify." Rejection. Sound familiar? Of course. In this episode of Rise Regardless, we’re not concerned with rejection in itself. Instead, we’re focusing on how to learn, grown and remain resilient in the wake of it, so meet Tim Salau. Tim is a technical thought...

2: Rejecting the Hype Around College-Dropout Entrepreneurship | Natalie Riso

Mar 8 • 40:34

"There's little value in a college degree if you want to be an entrepreneur." We've all heard this before. This college-dropout entrepreneurship culture is becoming increasingly pervasive in modern-day society, especially across social media platforms, and the question is, is this really the case? Natalie Riso defends her college degree and shares how she balanced academia...

1: How to Find Your New Happy | Stephanie Harrison

Mar 8 • 32:29

You can have all that is romanticized to constitute happiness, from a prestigious college degree to a highly-coveted and lucrative career, but that doesn't necessarily ensure you achieve your version of happiness. If you feel or have felt this way, you're not alone; this is a common phenomenon in everyday society that overwhelms many. That's why Stephanie Harrison sheds li...

Welcome to Rise Regardless

Mar 5 • 01:20

Rise Regardless is more than just a podcast show. We're a platform for sharing anecdotes of enduring both unique and commonplace hardships with grit. We're your bi-weekly source of alacrity and friendly reminder that in spite of any hurdles that buffet your path, you can and will emerge triumphant. And, we're a community of resilient individuals who support one another in ...

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