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Rick is an author, speaker, consultant, and podcaster. He has been encouraging and training Christians since 1997. After several years as a counselor and pastor he founded and launched his training organization to encourage and equip people for effective living. Today, the ministry reaches peopleRead more

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The Final Your Daily Drive Episode and Update

Apr 7 • 06:00

Understanding Someone Is Hard Work, But the Only Way to Build Well

Mar 30 • 30:00
Understanding the other person in any relationship is foundational to building a life with them. If you don't know them at a soul level, all your efforts to connect in an in-depth way will fall flat. You will end up as acquaintances, perhaps business partners, or maybe functional friends, but the joy and appreciation that flows from deeply knowing each other won't be there...

How God Delivered an Entrapped Soul from Christianity's Baggage

Mar 23 • 30:00
There are instances when Christianity’s baggage can entrap a person, and they never realize it. They never connect a lack of consistent joy, constantly trying to control how people perceive them, and hiding longstanding flaws to the Christian life they live. They genuinely love God, but there is an oppressive weight that feels more like religion than the freedom Christ off...

Will You Please Help Me? I Do Not Like My Spouse Anymore

Mar 16 • 30:00
When you fall out of love with your spouse, your marriage takes a drastic turn that few couples can alter. Long before the love sets sail, there are signs that point to a future disappointing season. Mable saw the signs but did not reach out until her love ship vanished over the horizon. There is still hope. What about you? If your love boat is adrift, I recommend you take...

A Good Husband Is a Job for Superman, Not for Lesser Mortals

Mar 9 • 30:00
Sometimes the job is so enormous that you can't do it alone. You don't have all the right gifts, the personality, the strengths, or the necessary know-how. It's at these moments when you need something (or someone) more fabulous than you, a person who can deliver. Being a husband is like this. None of us have what it takes to "do husbandry" well. It's a job for Superman.


An Analysis of the Evolution and Superiority of the Christian Mind

Mar 2 • 30:00
Our minds are an integral part of ourselves. The mind establishes a definitive trajectory for how we do life in God’s world. Did you know the Christian mind is an evolution into four different ones. Like mile-markers up the Interstate, you begin with one type; it evolves into something better, with the intent of possessing the purest version, which is the mind of Christ. W...

Vital Teaching for Your Son Today So He'll Be a Great Leader Later

Feb 23 • 30:00
Statistically speaking, the chances of your son or daughter being married as adults are higher than them being single. This likelihood is not inside information, but public knowledge. Boys like girls and girls like boys, and most boys and girls will tie the knot in holy matrimony. How do you prepare your son to be an excellent future husband? When do you begin? The answers...

How to Tell If a Person In Trouble Is Genuine about Wanting Help

Feb 16 • 30:00
You have a friend in trouble. They appear to be at the end of themselves, but you're not sure. You're not uncharitably judging them, but you know that the only way they can experience restoration from God and satisfaction in Him is by being at an authentic end of themselves and willing to do anything—biblically speaking—to change. How do you know your friend is genuine? Wh...

Learning How to Trust God With Your Communication Problems

Feb 10 • 30:00
There is a problem trusting God when His ways seem foolish, and we have a well-worn habit of getting what we want through our self-reliant means. Of course, when we choose human wisdom and strength over God’s, it will have a debilitating effect on our lives and relationships. In this case study, I present to you how trusting God practically can alter your relationships. Le...

When You Make Your Child Work for Your Affection

Feb 2 • 30:00
Children should not work for affection. Christian parents imitate God; one way to do this is by loving them just because they are their children. We are not perfect, and there is a time to deal with their imperfections, but love should be an uninterrupted expectation in a child’s life. When it is, you have a foundation that shapes them toward God-centered maturity. If we d...

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