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Rex Factor is a fun podcast reviewing all the kings & queens of England & Scotland.

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The White Ship (Charles Spencer)

Nov 19 • 01:06:37

We were delighted to be joined by the historian Charles Spencer for this interview podcast to talk about his book, The White Ship: Conquest, Anarchy and the Wrecking of Henry I’s Dream. Charles talked to us about why Henry I was such an impressive king, what happened in the White Ship disaster (which claimed the life of his son and heir), and why this was such an important...

S3.33 Isabella of Valois

Nov 5 • 59:59

Isabella of Valois was a French princess, but only a young girl when she married Richard II, a marriage designed to bring about peace between England and France. More helpful would have been peace between Richard and his nobles, and Isabella's life would be constantly spent in the midst of crises and internal divisions, both in England and in France. Dramatic times, but co...

S3.32 Anne of Bohemia

Oct 22 • 59:53

Anne of Bohemia is not one of the more famous queens in English history but she was the daughter of a powerful Holy Roman Emperor, was an inspiration to Chaucer and had a very close relationship with her husband, Richard II. With a reputation for kindliness, can Anne of Bohemia emerge from the shadows of history to claim the Rex Factor?...

S3.31 Philippa of Hainault

Oct 8 • 59:53

Philippa of Hainault was the consort of Edward III during something of a golden age for England with incredible military victories against Scotland and France. Philippa was a key part of Edward's project to restore loyalty to the crown and a very popular queen renowned for her merciful intercessions, but did she have that certain something to get the Rex Factor?...

S3.30 Isabella of France (Review)

Sep 24 • 59:59

Isabella of France (Biography)

Sep 17 • 01:02:55

One of the most dramatic stories in English royal history, Isabella of France gets the double episode treatment. In this biography episode, we chart her life and consortship looking at her marriage to Edward II and the various antagonists in her life until eventually she faces off against her own husband. Next time we'll review her factor by factor and decide whether she h...

Messages and Previews - August 2021

Aug 27 • 01:25:23

Simon de Montfort (Dr Sophie Thérèse Ambler)

Jul 23 • 01:20:27

In this week's podcast we talk all things Simon de Montfort with Dr Sophie Thérèse Ambler. Simon de Montfort led a remarkable and dramatic life, most notably with the Second Barons War in the reign of Henry III, where Simon was effectively ruling England and making major advances in the cause of parliamentary democracy. He's often featured as a side character in Rex Factor...

S3.28 Margaret of France

Jul 9 • 58:16

Margaret of France was the second wife of Edward I and tends to be overshadowed by the first, Eleanor of Castile, in popular memory. It was certainly a tough act to follow for the young French princess, marrying an old and grumpy Edward, but she proved rather adept than one might have expected. However, with England at odds with France and Scotland and Edward's reign appro...

S3.27 Eleanor of Castile

Jun 28 • 59:56

Eleanor of Castile was the beloved first consort of Edward I, most famous for the Eleanor Crosses he constructed in her memory. We uncover the real Eleanor behind the crosses, from the splendour of Castile and the Crusades to a surprisingly enterprising role in England. She may have won Edward's heart, but will that be enough for the Rex Factor?...

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