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Covering the crisis in the Catholic Church and its connection to the ongoing degradation of society, RtT dives into the news and history of the Church Support this podcast:

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The Advent Of The Coming Of The Lord | St Bernard of Clairvaux

Dec 5 • 19:13

RtT's official Sponsor:...

When The Popes Surrendered The Church To The World

Dec 4 • 17:39

The papal tiara wasn't just an ornament the pope wore. It held powerful symbolism for the role of the papacy in the world....

Vigano: We Are Surrounded By Ravenous Wolves

Dec 3 • 19:39

Vigano's Advent meditation doesn't hold back, as usual...

The Wreckovation of Notre Dame Is Worse Than You Know

Dec 2 • 12:02

What happens when a priest decides to make a Catholic landmark secular?...

Some Unexpected Good News In A Bleak Time

Dec 1 • 13:47

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A Cardinal Often Compared To Benedict XVI Doesn't Like Traditional Catholics

Nov 30 • 12:03

First Cardinal Sarah, now this....

The Modernists Have Recruited One Of The Best Bishops To Their Cause

Nov 29 • 14:39

Some won't be surprised by this turn of events...

Judgment and the Fiery Pit | St John Vianney

Nov 28 • 16:44

St John Vianney's famous First Sunday of Advent sermon...

No Salvation Outside The Church | Fr Michael Mueller

Nov 27 • 33:05

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Bishop Schneider: We Do Battle Against The Forces Of The Devil

Nov 26 • 12:37

Some encouraging words from my favorite bishop in the Church....

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