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This podcast is an open space for us to explore issues of colonialism and appropriation. Return the Jewels is a reference to the crown jewels which were stolen and appropriated to back a global empire's wealth. On this podcast, we talk with remarkable guests about how we can contextualize theRead more

Popular episodes

Episode 25: The Passion of the Contrarian | Sameer Naseem

Mar 17 • 54:05

For the final episode of season 2, we brought back Return the Jewels' very first guest: Sameer Naseem - talented comedian, marketing guru, and man of many other talents. Sameer always brings a unique perspective to our show, and we talk about podcasting, humility vs. confidence, the line where self-deprecating humor goes from funny to a little too much, contrarianism as a ...

Episode 24: "People with no beliefs have all the opinions" | Danish Maqbool

Mar 10 • 01:23:35

This week's episode is kinda weird. We get a little bit introspective about the direction of our personal brands and why. Danish Maqbool, who you may remember from Episode 11, have probably seen on the show Ramy, or maybe you remember him from MLG back in the day joined us to discuss these very weird thoughts. We got into branding, purpose, narrative crafting, the impulse ...

Episode 23: The Yoga Industrial Complex | Sonal Aggarwal

Mar 3 • 01:10:27

We brought back Sonal Aggarwal for another great episode where we touched on a lot of different topics. Sonal is one of the most interesting people we know, and on this episode we talked about: growing up in the Midwest, moving to India for classical music training, some funny stories from Goa & Italy, the billion dollar yoga industry in which brown people are severely und...

Episode 22: Imagine if Alexa Unionized | Lily Chun

Feb 24 • 01:42:52

Super fun episode today with Lily Chun! This episode consisted of a couple of martinis as well as a great conversation about the concept of the model minority, the whitewashing of school curriculums, pandemic life in New York, antifa, socialism, capitalism, fascism, Alexa, and so much more....

Episode 21: Kruger-Dunning and Perspective Crafting | Bassam Shawl

Feb 17 • 01:44:52

This was a great conversation between me and comedian Bassam Shawl, host of the Wokemenistan Podcast. We got into corporate lobbying, the Kruger Dunning Effect, perspective crafting, Kashmiri politics, finding love, and so much more! This is a long one but the conversation is very engaging! ...

Episode 20: Framers and Shakers | Madhav Saxena

Feb 10 • 01:55:13

Today's show is a particularly fun one - our guest is my first* college roommate, Madhav Saxena. Madhav creates websites for a digital marketing agency, so we talk about the battle for internet privacy going on between Apple and Facebook, but we also go on to discuss the farmers protest, code switching, logical chains, and strategic framing. Oh, we also get into Gully Rap ...

Episode 19: Identity and Sneakers | Hass

Feb 3 • 01:30:01

We're welcoming February with a great episode featuring our friend, Hass. Hass is a huge sneakerhead and digital media professional in NY, and is the creator/host of a new podcast called "My First Kicks". We get into everything: his background, health insurance, appropriation-appreciation, grinding to get what you want, and of course, kicks!...

Episode 18: Mississippi's Masala | Dr. Lekha Sunkara Deere, MD

Jan 27 • 01:27:41

Our 18th episode is here and we're super excited to welcome Lekha Sunkara Deere, MD. Lekha is an old friend from college, and we get into a lot of really interesting topics like her experiences as a pulmonary medicine fellow on the front lines in New Orleans during the peak of the pandemic in the area, becoming a mother during her fellowship, getting respect from both pati...

Episode 17: The Gentle Hustle | Ramon Rivas II

Jan 20 • 02:04:44

This week we have a bombastic fantastic episode for you. I had the opportunity to sit down with stand up comedian, writer, actor, Cannabis Shaman, and one of my favorite people, Ramon Rivas. If you know Ramon, then you know he has a lot of important stuff to say. We touched on Ramon's work helping build the Cleveland comedy scene, his experience growing up as a minority in...

Episode 16: Should I shut the F*ck Up? | Andre D. Thompson

Jan 13 • 57:47

#ReturntheJewels #AndreDThompson #BrooklynSanta...

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