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Serving mugs of Reproducibili☕️: Blends include transparency, openness and robustness + a spoonful of science. Brewed by @OrbenAmy, @Sam_D_Parsons and @Cruwelli

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Episode 34 - Clarissa Carneiro

Jun 16 • 42:33
Episode 34 - Clarissa Carneiro

Early in May we talked to Clarissa (@clari_carneiro) from the Brazilian Reproducibility Initiative (@BrRepInitiative). This project is awesome - think many labs for Brazilian biomedical sciences, with a dash of meta in there too! Tune in to hear about this amazing project.

The project: https://www.reprodut…
The team: h...

Episode 33 - Flavio Azevedo and building a FORRT

Apr 21 • 55:48
Episode 33 with Flavio Azevedo on FORRT

Our latest awesome ECR you need to watch out for is Flavio Azevedo @Flavio_Azevedo_. He was recently named one of one of the top 100 global shapers from Portugal! ( and by gosh he's just one of our favorite people too.

Flavio tells us all about the importance of openness in reproducibility in teaching. ...

Episode 32 - Crisis Research With Anne Scheel

Apr 7 • 01:06:02
Episode 32 - Research under Crisis with Anne Scheel

We have a very special guest in this lockdown episode of ReproducibiliTea: Anne Scheel (@annemscheel). We reflect on research during the COVID-19 pandemic and the wide range of responses from the research community.

We talked to Anne about her recent blogpost “Crisis research, fast and slow” (…earch-fas...

Episode 31 - Class 2 - What even is a replication?

Mar 17 • 25:46
Episode 31: Class 2 - What even is a replication?

It’s week 2 of Amy’s “Psychology as a Robust Science” course and we are discussing replications. What are they? Is there a distinction between direct and conceptual replications? Do direct replications actually exist? Tune in to (maybe) find out!

Related papers and links

Open Science Collaboration (2015) Estimating the reprodu...

SolidariTEA 2 - Green Advocacy With Sander van Bree

Mar 3 • 27:00
SolidariTEA 2 - Green Advocacy With Sander van Bree

SolidariTEA is our mini series where we stand in solidarity against the worse side of academia, and stand in solidarity alongside the many awesome advocates for improving academia.

This time Sophia talks with Sander van Bree (@sandervanbree) about green advocacy. What actions can you take to reduce your negative impact on t...

Episode 30 - What Are We Doing? AKA The Golden Pancake

Feb 18 • 37:27
Episode 30 – What are we doing? AKA the golden pancake

We are starting a new 8 part series following the structure of Amy’s “Psychology as a Robust Science” course (https://www.amyorben…om/docs/syllabus.pdf). We will take a specific aspect from each week and dive into the detail.
This week: Introductions and Merton’s norms, what is Science? We discuss each of Mertons norms ...

Episode 29 - Four Hero Origin Stories To Start 2020

Feb 4 • 37:05
Episode 29 - Four Hero Origin Stories To Start 2020

Welcome to 2020. We are back to our regular recording and releasing schedule. Sorry for the wait, and thank you for your patience.

We begin with Sophia and Sam's starts to the year at the Advanced Methods for Reproducible Science workshop, aka #Repro20. All three of us have attended this workshop over the last 3 years. Last...

Episode 28 - Jade Pickering and Marta Topor

Dec 10 • 50:14
Episode 28 - Jade Pickering and Marta Topor

This time we are joined by the amazing Jade Pickering (@Jade_Pickering) and Marta Topor (@MartaTopor).

Jade and Marta share their own ReproducibiliTea experiences and an exciting new project on building tools for systematic reviews. Watch this space as the duo get ready to release this tool to the wilds!

Keep an eye out for the mos...

SolidariTEA 1 - Robert Stenson

Dec 5 • 21:00
In the first of our new SolidariTea sub-series, Amy Orben talks to Robert Stenson from the University of Nottingham, UK, where he is finishing a PhD at the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies. SolidariTea episodes are short podcast conversations with Early Career Researchers around the world that highlight injustices, campaigns, struggles and discussions mainly ...

Reproducibillitea Episode 27 - PhD Advice Pt2

Nov 14 • 42:51
Episode 27 - More advice on starting a PhD

We return to thinking about starting a PhD. This is part 2 of our series. Sophia brought Amy and Sam some more questions and they had thoughts. If you have any thoughts, comments, and different perspectives we would love to hear them. Please reach out and tell us your thoughts and experiences.

Question 4 - How much time did you spe...

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