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We eat our cinematic vegetables as we go deep into the past to dig out all the cool old movies that languish in our to-be-watched pile and talk about them one a fortnight!

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Repertory Screenings 56: Red Desert

Nov 23 • 00:00

We’re back in the big leagues with improved audio and a bevy of movies because Em has gone back to the gun cellar and pulled up a treasure trove of cinema. Follow them on letterboxd, For the movie this week, we all get really existential as we talk about what alienation means to us, with the surprisingly bleak and familiar Red Desert. ...

Repertory Screenings 55: The Wages of Fear

Nov 7 • 00:00

It’s a nail-biting adventure this week as we talk about a movie so effortless it leaves us all blown away. You know, with nitroglycerin. Also, a bunch of other movies besides get watched, as Em is careening through a movie phase and has much to touch on. ...

Repertory Screenings 54: Playtime

Oct 26 • 00:00

OBS audio becomes the new norm as we enjoy the nightmare of modernity with Playtime. Also, Destiny watched too many movies, and Em finally crossed a big one off their bucket list. For better or worse, we remain enjoying the cinema. Enjoy!...

Repertory Screenings 53: Waiting to Exhale

Oct 5 • 00:00

Our audio troubles know no end in this very hurried second take of an episode that still manages to be pretty good! We watched a boatload of movies, talk about the quiet gender war happening in the production of women’s pictures, and many other things besides. Enjoy! ...

Repertory Screenings 52: Unforgiven

Sep 20 • 00:00

The pinnacle of dad cinema! We tuck into a tidy time at the nearby saloon with Unforgiven’s fantastic shaggy dog story of three old men who are just the worst. We all wring our hangs about how poorly watched we are about westerns. We all watched a bunch of movies! Great times had by all. ...

Repertory Screenings 51: Monty Python's Life of Brian

Sep 7 • 00:00

We have a new worst movie! Much discussion is had about cultural comedy, the pressure of time, and what it means to revisit things as an adult. The episode is pretty good, sometimes it pays to lower the bar....

Repertory Screenings 50: Le Samouraï

Aug 24 • 00:00

YOU KNOW WHAT NUMBER IT IS!! We talk about a bunch of movies, as we usually do, though very little of that time is actually devoted to Le Samourai. Sometimes it just goes that way. Here’s to 50 more! ...

Repertory Screenings 49: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Aug 3 • 00:00

We explore Wes Anderson’s funky tale of intrigue and service as we talk about his low-brow secret, the power of good casting, another famous director he reminds us of, and much more in this shaggy dog of an episode!...

Repertory Screenings 48: An American in Paris

Jul 18 • 00:00

Divided across three camps of reactions to this movie, we mostly talk about what makes a romance work, films as spectacle, and why the 50s were a thing that had to be reacted against regardless of how you felt about it. Also, the date-ability of Gene Kelly might come up. ...

Repertory Screenings 47: Lawrence of Arabia

Jul 3 • 00:00

We have a loaded episode for you with a four hour film and five or six movies we’ve seen besides as we go into the epic, goofy sequels, movies within movies, and many other things besides. Also, that Lawrence of Arabia picture? Turns out it’s very popular for a reason: it’s fucking GOOD. ...

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