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Reopening America


We have shifted into a new phase in the coronavirus pandemic. We are social distancing, washing our hands, wearing face masks, and we are Reopening America. Oscar Ramirez from the Daily Dive Podcast updates you on any new information about the virus and vaccine development, but will focus on howRead more

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Colleges Also Feeling the Pain of Omicron Causing Disruptions to School Plans

Jan 17 • 09:48

The disruptions from the latest Covid surge continue as college campuses are changing plans for the start of the semester. In-person instruction has been delayed, boosters are being mandated, and they are even restricting student travel. Yale University is asking students not to go to local businesses, restaurants or bars until later in the semester. Melissa Korn, higher e...

California Changes Policy to Allow Covid-Positive Health Care Workers Stay On the Job

Jan 14 • 08:07

The Omicron surge is putting a heavy strain on hospitals around the country with many hospital workers themselves testing positive, forcing them to stay home. To help with serious staffing shortages, California is implementing a temporary and controversial new policy that allows asymptomatic healthcare workers who have tested positive to return to work immediately. Hayley ...

Here’s Why You Might Be Seeing Empty Grocery Store Shelves Again

Jan 13 • 08:02

In some grocery stores around the country we are again seeing empty shelves. Some of the reasons remain the same as early in the pandemic, others have changed slightly. The Omicron surge coupled with labor shortages is making it difficult to keep things stocked. Supply chain issues in other countries are affecting us, and more people are eating at home. Laura Reiley, busin...

What to Know About Free At-Home Covid Tests and How to Get Reimbursed by Insurance

Jan 12 • 08:03

Health experts see at-home Covid tests as a key tool in the fight against the pandemic. Starting Saturday, Jan. 15th people with private health insurance will be able to get reimbursed for up to 8 tests per month. The administration is also encouraging insurers to create networks of preferred stores or pharmacies so that costs can be covered up front. For those without pri...

Despite the Omicron Surge, No Calls for Shutdowns From Democratic Leaders This Time

Jan 11 • 07:37

The Omicron variant continues to surge, but we aren’t hearing the same calls for shutting things down again, at least not from Democratic mayors and governors. We have seen an attitude shift and recognition that Covid fatigue is real and people just want to get back to normal. This fight is especially playing out with school closures in Chicago. Susannah Luthi, reporter at...

Total Number of Dialysis Patients Shrunk for the First Time in Nearly 50 Years, They Were the Pandemic’s Perfect Victims

Jan 10 • 12:19

For the first time in nearly 50 years, the number of dialysis patients shrunk, not because more people were healthy, but because Covid struck. People with kidney failure and the associated illnesses are more prone to severe infection, but many people also neglected getting their treatments during the pandemic. And despite dialysis centers implementing Covid precautions, so...

Rapid COVID Tests Are Hard to Find and Some Are Reselling Them for Triple the Price

Jan 7 • 09:09

Covid testing is once again becoming an issue as the demand for tests is growing. Specifically, at-home rapid tests are very hard to come by and when you do find them the prices can be inflated. Some are resorting to buying the tests at triple the retail price as they are becoming a necessity for returning to work and school. Kelsey Butler, equality reporter at Bloomberg N...

Thousands of U.S. Service Members Defy Vaccine Orders

Jan 6 • 08:02

30,000 active-duty service members still have yet to be vaccinated despite mandates and some deadlines already passing. To be clear, the vaccination rate stands at more than 97%, but some are instead resigning or facing honorable discharges. Lawsuits are pending and thousands have requested religious exemptions, although none have been granted. Melissa Hernandez, reporter ...

Parents Are Frustrated as Omicron Changes Many Back-To-School Plans

Jan 5 • 08:08

Omicron has definitely thrown a wrench into back-to-school plans for students as many districts shifted last minute to remote learning after the holiday break. For parents, the constant changes have left them frustrated trying to adjust to evolving plans and confused on what to do. The students aren’t faring better either. Maggie Astor, reporter at the NY Times, joins us f...

With Omicron Continuing to Spread, Some Doctors Say Cloth Masks May Not Be Enough

Jan 4 • 07:26

Covid cases continue to rise in the U.S. as the Omicron variant proves to be highly transmissible. The rise in infections has reignited the conversation over masks which now has some doctors and healthcare systems saying cloth masks may not be enough, recommending that you pair them with surgical masks or upgrade to other options like KN95 masks. Nidhi Subbaraman, science ...

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