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It seems the world has taken a turn for the worst. Our collective mental state has taken a blow unlike any we've experienced. There’s a pandemic in full swing amongst countless other tragedies. We all have unanswered questions in this golden age of information. The best part is that you don’t haveRead more

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May 1 • 45:07
Our community plays a pivotal role in the people we become. Which is why it's important to stop and smell the roses. Fionne and I have taken a look at the community we grew up in and found a vicious, repetitious cycle. At times we close ourselves off to new people and experiences. It's almost as if we're living in a bubble, unaffected by the outside world. Join us as we op...


Apr 23 • 50:04

Breaking the cycle

Apr 16 • 29:19
Lo and behold, we're here to talk about the toxic culture within families. Your home growing up is supposed to be filled with the smell of home cooked meals and loving interactions. It’s your safe haven. But for a lot of people, that home can act as a sort of prison. Our parents were busy trying to make the best of a bad situation. At times we received the brunt of their f...

Lets talk about love

Apr 9 • 34:46
Each and every one of us experiences love differently. It’s one of those emotions that can’t be put into a box or even properly defined. Love is everything and everywhere, but are you willing to reciprocate it when the time comes? That’s a tough question to answer, especially considering how ornerous it is to maneuver through todays society. Sometimes things won’t work out...

Pride's silver lining

Apr 1 • 44:30
Prides silver lining
I was approached by an old friend recently who wanted to talk about pride. At one point or another, we gave pride full reign over our psyche. Some of us have even broken up friendships or relationships just to polish our ego. While tragic in nature, these occurrences prove to be the cornerstone of your foundation. The scary thing is if you build upon a ...

Last piece of the puzzle

Mar 27 • 01:05:23
We all have some displaced issue thats been instilled in us by the authority figures in our lives. A character flaw that takes its toll on our psyche in one way or another. At a certain point it becomes less about what happened to us and more about how we choose to tackle the issue. Terrible things happen to wonderful people everyday. It’s the sign of a great person when t...

Look inward, stop the hate

Mar 20 • 13:56

Feeling something new

Mar 12 • 40:14
From a young age it felt as though my emotions were out of sorts. Thinking back it could have to do with the miseducation provided to us by our outdated education system. We’re taught the basics such as anger, joy or pain. But as we proceed down our respective avenues and wisdom becomes apart of our foundation, we stumble upon new feelings. I’ve found myself completely cap...

Attentive attention

Mar 7 • 36:16

To touch upon impermanence

Feb 28 • 01:01:24
Everything in life is subject to change. Today we touch upon impermanence and the effect it has on our psyche. It’s a beautiful thing to consider. That as the years fly by, the people you supposedly knew evolve into someone different. Sooner or later the real you will come knocking on your door asking to be let out. It’ll scream for release from within, thats the real you ...

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