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Episode 30: O come all ye fearful

Jul 7 • 34:22

Episode 29: Crook in the Lot - Part 2

Jun 29 • 25:38

Let's try this again. We recorded about 15 minute of the episode only to realize the microphone was not plugged in! we talk more about the book by Thomas Boston called "The Crook in the Lot."  Why is this happening and how should we respond? He gives about 8 or 9 possible reasons for us to consider but than talks about waiting and depending on the providence of ...

Episode 28: Crook in the Lot - Part 1

Jun 23 • 30:35

Thomas Boston wrote a book based on Ecclesiastes 7:13-14. His writing on suffering, on this crook in the lot - came from his own life's experiences. Honestly, I read this book differently and carefully in light of the background - the immense suffering he and his family faced. He walked through suffering before he wrote about it. In this episode we consider five point on t...

Episode 27: Tomatoes, Paul Tripp & expectations in marriage

Jun 14 • 31:34

Episode 26: When all you see is what you are lacking

Jun 2 • 21:52

We had written down notes for another episode but we started talking before recording - and before we knew it, we put those notes aside. And we just went with this one idea of lacking. We feel that we are lacking and if we are not careful - this takes over our perspective. In this episode we offer another honest approach to this. Why do we feel like we are lacking and how ...

Episode 25: We don't recommend a long distance relationship

May 25 • 26:34

Our marriage started with a three year long distance relationship. Here we tell part of our story. Was it good? Yes of course. Was it hard? Most definitely. Those are not opposites, they are both part of our story. We need to give thanks for the good, and regarding the hard - to give thanks that God was good to us in the midst of all that. Oh, by the way - we ended up laug...

Episode 24: Socks and Thorns

May 17 • 36:15

In this episode, we discuss the joys of missing socks as well as an article with a distasteful title. Really. But it does get your attention. In this article, JI Packer speaks on warped ideas about sickness but then offers some helpful reflections based on II Corinthians 12. Weakness is when and where God works maybe the most in our lives. It is not a waste, not something ...

Episode 23: All that hype about good health

May 11 • 33:48

Do we think too much and too highly about health? What happens when we lose our health? How much of our identity is rocked? Without realizing it, I wonder if we assume that our identity is wrapped up on our health. But, we need to guard ourselves from that. Here we mention and critique some wrong ideas about health, and then offer some counsel on how to help others in this...

Episode 22: Prayer...the struggle is real

May 3 • 28:43

Episode 21: The "Already / Not Yet" tension

Apr 26 • 34:01

The Christian life is a tension, between the first and second coming of Christ. We already have life, but the fullness of life is still coming - and we have assurance of this because of the resurrection of Christ. This brings hope - especially in the hard seasons of suffering. Here we share some Scripture, point out some important doctrines, offer helpful illustrations and...

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